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 Web-Based Thematic Unit:
Number the Stars - Teacher Resources 

This web-based thematic unit has a wide range of activities. On this page you'll find an overview of the unit as well as lesson outlines and links to student activities.

Establishing the Learning Environment

Create a bulletin board and table displaying World War II books and artifacts. Create a photo album of pictures you've printed from the Internet.


Classroom Management and Activity Guidelines

Classroom activities have been provided as part of this thematic unit. A lesson overview has been provided for each activity. For each lesson, you'll find a set of benchmarks, a suggested timing of the lesson, specific pages connecting the book to the activities, performance assessments, and other activity ideas. Each activity page contains an introduction, task, process and resources, project guidelines, and a conclusion.

Lesson Ideas

  • Benchmarks
    • Understands the defining characteristics of literary forms
    • Discuss the use of fact and fiction in historical fiction
    • Understands the basic story elements
    • Identify special features of a book's setting
    • Understands cause-and-effect relationships in text
    • Identify cause and effect relationships between events
    • Uses information from text to support opinions, predictions, and conclusions
    • Use information from the book to create a visual depicting the setting
    • Use information from the Internet to create a chart, graphic, timeline, or map
    • Use information from the Internet to form a conclusion
    • Identify conclusions which can be logically drawn from information
    • Locate and read literature from web-based sources
    • Use web-based factual information
    • Develop communications using technology
    • Create a visual communication using imaging software
    • Combine pictures together to create a visual communication
  • Other Activity Ideas:
    • Learn about the Jewish religion-websites, books, local synagogues
    • Organize a literature circle including other Holocaust or WWII books.
    • Write fictional stories putting themselves in the place of a Jew during the war.

Developed by Jeff Moen and Annette Lamb.