I've always loved the movies. Whether you agree or disagree with my recommendations, I hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as I enjoy writing them. You'll find the 2000 reviews on this page. Click on 1998 or 1999 for past year reviews.

Let's go to the movies!

4 stars - WOW, don't miss this movie
3 stars - Good movie, you'll have a good time
2 stars - Ok, but wait to see on video
1 star - Forget it, don't waste your time

Reviews for 2000

3000 Miles to Graceland - R

Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner...what more is there to say. Ok, so there was not much of a plot....bank robbery, bad guys fight and a lot of gun fire throughout the movie. A good one to save for the video or dvd rental.

Erin Brockovich - R

Julia Roberts plays the title character, Erin, who is a single mother with a sassy attitude that helps her survive the life she leads. After being hard headed enough to talk herself into a job at a law office, she finds herself stumbling upon a cover-up that has caused a whole town to be effected by an epidemic. You will find yourself pulling for her every inch of the way as she struggles to prove herself good enough to take on the big corporations of the world. Albert Finney does a wonderful job as her lawyer boss, a guy that is hard crested on the outside, but soft on the inside. I would say this is one of Julia Robert's best performances. This movie will have you laughing and crying through out it!

Cast Away - PG-13

A enthralling movie that wraps you around its finger as you watch one man on an island for an hour!! Tom Hanks does his usual wonderful job, but I was let down with the ending a bit. I was hoping for closure, but left with only wonderment.

Chocolat - PG-13

Anyone want some chocolate??? After seeing this movie, you will want to run out and make some for yourself. The ads have seemed to make it more of a 'sexy' movie, but there isn't any sex or skin in the movie ( except some kisses that we assume led to it ).
Its more a humorous and witty movie about how a town that does not like change, but learns to adjust when strangers arrive and ruffles a few feathers. I really enjoyed the movie. I don't think it is strong enough really to be Oscar contender, but one of those type of movies that is different from the 'usual' movies out.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - PG-13

If you are into foreign films, martial art fight scenes and reading subtitles, this is the movie for you. A well rounded movie that gives you romance, fights, and people trying to find their place in life. I really enjoyed this movie, but was a bit disappointed how they ended the movie. It did not really resolve things totally, but I do hear they may be making a prequel about the earlier romance between the two stars. Even just to go to see the visual aspects of the movie would be worth it...they showed some beautiful scenery.

Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - PG

An old tale told once again in a more 'grown-up' story, but still very true to the original book and movie. If you want to just kick back and have a good laugh, this is the movie. A movie the whole family can enjoy together.

Frequency - PG-13

The best way for me to describe this movie is that it was a feel good movie for men, but with a little bit of thriller put in to it. It has male dominate jobs, firemen and policemen. It uses the all american pastime, baseball, as the center point of the movie to show that the main character is telling the truth. Dennis Quaid plays the fireman father character with a lot of love and passion for his son. The policeman son, Jim Caviezel, is somehow able to contact his father 30 years earlier by ham radio by some freak weather condition. By the son telling the father how to save his own life from being cut short, this one event triggers other changes for the future. I really liked this movies pace and how it was able to keep my attention the whole time. If you want to leave with a good feeling, this is a movie to see!!  

Gladiator - R

This is a sweeping movie epic from the beginning battle scenes to the ending duel of good and evil. Russell Crowe, who plays the title character Maximus, does a wonderful job of acting as a man who is thrown from being a warrior to a slave gladiator and seeking revenge of the death of his wife and son. The cast includes Joaquin Phoenix, Oliver Reed and Richard Harris, who all did a wonderful job in this Roman Empire epic. There are many gladiator fight scenes that look just spectacular on the big screen, so I would not wait to see it on video if you can. It had a few slow moments, but I never looked at my watch, which is always a good sign.

Miss Congeniality - PG-13

I went to this movie not expecting much but a good laugh. I left getting the laugh, but a good movie too. Probably one of Sandra Bullocks better movies in a while, the role as a dumpy FBI agent becoming beauty queen was played with enough style and class to make her character believable. If you want just a good movie and some laughs..this one would be good to go to.

Mission Impossible 2 - PG-13

Tom Cruise is back in the type of movie that everyone loves to see him in. Again he plays agent Ethan Hunt, going after an ex-agent, Dougray Scott, that has gotten his hands on a very nasty virus that he plans to let loose. The catch is that only he has the cure and he plans to make a lot of money off of it, just like any good villain would. Cruise's character this time must enlist a beautiful woman, who he has fallen for, to infiltrate the lair of the bad guy and get him the information he needs. Ving Rhayme again is cast as the computer whiz who helps Cruise accomplish some wonderful stunts. This movie has spectacular scenes that will amaze you, like hanging from cliffs, car chases, motorcycle dueling, and bungee jumping from a helicopter down an air shaft. These are all accomplished by the wonderful direction of John Woo, who directed Face/Off too. This was very well written movie and I hope more sequels are to come.

Proof of Life - R

There is not much to say about this movie. Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan did a good job, but didn't seem to have that much chemistry on screen. The plot was easy...husband kidnapped, hire guy to get back., he comes back..everything goes back to the way it was before. This is one you can definitely leave to seeing on tape or cable.

Traffic - R

A very well made movie that depicts the world of drugs in our world today in a very realistic manner. The movie is interesting to watch with the way the director uses a different type of camera to depict whether the characters are in Mexico or United States. Benicio Del Toro , who plays one of the Mexican cops, does an excellent job and has a good chance of winning best supporting Oscar.

What Women Want - PG-13

Ok, so why did I go to this movie...honestly??? To see Mel Gibson of course, but it had been getting some good reviews too. A pretty basic story of a macho male finding his feminine side and realizing what life and women are really about. Not a movie that you need to go running out to see, but an enjoyable time, if not just for the good Frank Sinatra music!!!
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