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Animation has always amazed me and once again this movie proves the imagination and abilities of these artists. Woody Allen was the perfect voice to play the part of 'Z', who seems to have the same nervous mannerisms as Allen. In the ant world, there are workers, soldiers and the queen ant.'Z' is a worker ant that just doesn't understand where his place is in this world. He hears about an ant utopia that is out beyond his colony, but before he can think about it he falls the queen ants' daughter. The movie continues on with an ant and termite war, an adventure to ant utopia and back to the colony. All the voices used in the movie, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman, Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain, to name a few, make the movie worthwhile (along with the animation). The story moves along slowly, but there are quite a few laughs. I would recommend seeing this for a nice adventure out of the house (in other worlds not to much thought is needed to watch it). It will be interesting to see "A Bug's Life" that is coming out in few weeks and compare the two (as the media has been doing). I give "Antz" a thumbs up.


When I left the movie theatre last week, the only word that seemed to form for me about describing this movie was 'haunting'. If you're planning to see this movie just because Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover are in it, you will leave with much more than that. We see the character 'Sethe' as she is living her life with the 'spirit' around her family. She treats it just like another family member that you live with, but the children have a problem adjusting to its' presence. We get to revisit Sethe's past when she gets a visit from Paul D., a friend she knew from her past as a slave on the same plantation. Without getting into all the twists and turns, you will see what a strong will Sethe has had to have to survive this far in her life. There are a lot of metaphors in this movie that you might think means one thing, but your friend may think someone else. The movie makes you think about what is right and wrong, no matter if you are black, white, male or female. The movie was long, probably about 20 min. too long, but well worth the time. I tried reading the book by Toni Morrison when it first came out, but could not get started ( due to the book started out kind of strange). Now, knowing how the story goes, the book may be easier to read. For the movie, even though many people have not seen it still, I will give it a thumbs up.


I will at least start off saying this movie was different from some movies I've seen lately. The movie stars Wesley Snipes as Blade, who was in his mother's womb when she was bitten by a vampire. She went into labor and had the child and 'died'. As he grows up, he realizes he has some 'vampire' characteristics that he has to live with. He decides to join forces with the Kris Kristoferson character (who's family was killed by vampires) to fight the vampires that killed his mother. The music in the movie is very different, but helps the mood of the movie. Mr.Snipes was very 'hot' in black leather in this movie, but I wish he would not waste his talent in a movie like this. Unfortunately, I have to give this a thumbs down for a plot that seems old. Catch it on video.

Bug's Life

Bug's Life was the 2nd 'bug' movie to come out this year and again people want to compare the two (Antz was the other movie). Even though the same theme was used, worker ant trying to get noticed and knowing that there was more to life than always working, Bug's Life was a much lighter version of the story. The story was made for the simple minded (kids), but was definately more visually appealing than Antz. If you're trying to decide which to go to, I would say both, but Bug's Life would be better for the kids. I give it thumbs up.

Civil Action

John Travolta plays a 'high class' lawyer that wants to win a case for the money, not the satisfaction. This all changes as the movie progresses over a case he takes up that seems to have no true evidence to show how the town water may have gotten contaminated. His character goes against a major corporation lawyer, played by Robert Duvall, that plays hardball in an easy going manner. The movie wasn't bad, but it kind of left you empty handed as to what really changed his attitude at the end. Thumbs down...

Deep Impact

Of the two asteroid/comet movies this summer, I would have to say that 'Deep Impact' was the better of the two. It was more realistic in showing the options that we have to resolve such a grave situation. The characters were better written and the story seemed to be more believable. We got to see the turmoil and the decision making each person has to go through when the 'end' may be near. Now, would I have given up my seat on a helicopter to live, for a mother and child?? To be truthful, probably not, and you wouldn't either, but our mind works in funny ways sometimes in stressful situations, so who knows what we would do. The ending is spectacular and leaves you wanting to spend each living day to its fullest.


Cate Blanchett plays the role of Elizabeth, Queen of England, in this movie that starts years earlier, before she is queen. I enjoyed this movie to a point, but the story was unfocused and it jumped from scene to scene without explaining sometimes. I felt I should of read up on my history before seeing the movie, I probably would have liked it better. Characters would come into a scene that would be important, but you would be unsure as to who they were. The movie tells of how Elizabeth goes from having struggled to becoming queen and her hardship in proving she could stay queen. If I had a sidewise thumb, that is what I would give this movie, but since I don't...Thumbs down.

Enemy of the State

You better watch out, you never know who might be watching or listening in to your conversations! This was a good movie starring two excellent movie stars, Will Smith ( Indepence Day, Men in Black ) and Gene Hackman. Along with some good action scenes, Will Smith showed again that he can act in a more serious roll if given the chance. Will Smith's character is minding his own business when he is thrown into a bad situation that involves bad guys, who happen to work for the government. He has something, unknowingly, that they want and they'll do anthing to get it, even taken his life away without killing him. Jon Voight also stars in the movie as the head bad guy that is in trouble, which is a role Mr. Voight always plays well. This was a good action/adventure movie to see, that did not go overboard on the effects. Thumbs up.

Ever After

I'm going to start off this review by saying "you must see this movie". If you do decide to go, be aware that its not like the previews you've seen with the cool music, but its still good. The movie stars Drew Barrymore as the older Danielle, who becomes orphaned as a little girl just as her father has remarried. Her character is very strong minded, which helps her through her hard life as a servant to her stepmother and step sisters. "Ever After" would be called a drama/adventure with a little comedic activity rolled into it. The audience at the theatre even cheered and clapped at certain parts and at the 'end' of the movie. This movie is just a 'feel good' type of movie that puts a 'new' twist on an old story. THUMB WAY UP....

(If you expect to find the music heard in the movie trailers, you won't...its not even on the soundtrack. If you want to know the musicians that did the music on the trailers, email me and I'll let you know. The movie music is good too. )

Halloween H20

This is the 20th anniversary of the original movie "Halloween" which came out in 1978. Jamie Lee Curtis looks better now than she did back then. Her character, Laurie Stroud, has changed her name and now is the head mistress at a 'prep' school, twenty years later. For those of you have not seen the original or 2nd sequel, play close attention to the news articles that flash at the beginning of the movie to help you understand what has happened in the past. Michael Myers is her brother, who we thought was killed at the end of the 2nd sequel (none of the other sequels 'really' count , 3-6, they were not any good). The movie moves along at a very slow pace and I hate to say it, but I was looking at my watch wondering how much longer until it was over. Ms. Curtis is still my generation's 'scream queen', even though the characters around her were very weak. No one seemed to know what to do with themselves when Michael starts walking toward them ( "try running" ). I hate to say don't go to the movie, because the finale does bring the series to an 'end' ( or 'head' in this case ), but I don't recommend this movie, wait for the video. Thumbs Down

Hope Floats

Hope Floats is a movie that every woman should see. Sorry guys, but this is a 'girl' picture. After I saw this movie, I had to contact friends and family who had seen the movie too and ask if they had cryed through most of the movie like I did. Most say that they had. This movie touches many aspects of life that we all have gone through in life; the break up of a relationship, mother/daughter conflicts, a loved one that seems hard to reach, and trying to start a new life or keep the same one going. We watch as Sandra Bullocks character lives through all these problems and more in one movie. Harry Connick Jr. plays her 'hometown' friend that helps her through the tough times. I hope we continue to see him in more movies, he's a very good actor (probably couldn't hold a whole movie, but plays a good 2nd fiddle). If you like movie soundtracks and country music, this is one you might want to get. A definite thumbs up movie.

The Horse Whisperer

If you go to see this movie, make sure to bring a box of kleenex. One of the toughest decisions for a person that loves to read books and go to the movies, is to decide on whether to read the book first (if the movie was based on a book already written ) before going to the movie. In this case, I had not read the book. I really enjoyed this movies' lavish Montana scenery and the performances of Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas. Some of the scences seemed overly dramatic between the mother and daughter, but that seemed to be warranted due to the condition of the daughter after the accident. One part of the movie that was a little confusing was when the camera speed was slowed down during the horse's recovery 'scenes'. You really couldn't understand what you were suppose to come away with from those scene. I've been told by those that had read the book that this section of the movie was explained better in the book. You will either be happy or sad with the ending they gave the movie, it seemed to be the right choice for me. Even with some uneven parts in the movie, I have to give this movie a thumbs up......( I couldn't live with myself if I gave Robert Redford a thumbs down!!!!).

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

HOT, HOT, HOT !!!!!!!!!!

This movie will make you need a 'cold' shower after you see it. Both the leading actress/actor, Angela Bassette and Taye Diggs, are magnificant in this movie. Their chemistry just 'sizzles' on the screen when they are in a scene together. The Jamaican scenery is breath taking and makes you want to go hop a plane to Negril right now. The story line is simple, but important, to all the characters involved. "Stella's" best friend is played by Whoopie Goldberg, who brings some needed laughter at times in the movie. She does a great job in pushing Stella into taking some time for herself, to find herself. This is a feel good movie that some people would call a 'womans' movie. Maybe it is, but watch out for the 'pajama party' in the movie and tell me you didn't need some cold water on you after it was over!!!! Thumbs Up!

Lethal Weapon 4

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover have done it one more time and done it well. This last installment ( and let it be the last ) is as good as any of the other movies, due to the fact it brought the guys back to reality. The usual car chases,gun shootouts and the guys getting beat up are all in the movie ( which we expect ). Joe Pesci and Renee Russo are again in the movie, along with new comer, Chris Rock. It would have been nice to have seen more Russo and less of Pesci and Rock, who are funny, but their voices can be a little annoying!!!!!Gibson's character , Riggs, comes full circle about his life and Glover's, Murtaugh, has a secret that doesn't come out until the end. There is one long running joke in the movie that is so funny, it shows the love and camaraderie between Riggs and Murtaugh. I sincerely hope this is the last installment because it brings the whole series to a good ending before a 'bad' installment is made.

Living Out Loud

Holly Hunter is a wonderful actress. She plays a woman who decides to take life on after she leaves her husband due to his infidelity. A woman's movie of the 90's, which may be why its not doing too well at the theatres, Living out Loud will make you cry, laugh, get angry, and all those multitude of emotions that come out when you feel like life around you really 'sucks'. Friends are there though to help pick you up. Danny Devito and Queen Latifah are wonderful characters that help Holly Hunter's character realize she can continue on in life and enjoy it, with or without someone in her life. The music in this movie is wonderful too, which helps to round off a good movie. Thumbs up.

Mask of Zorro

"The Mask of Zorro" was a very entertaining movie with great music, sword play and handsome stars too. The movie had a good pace to it, I never looked at my watch once ( a good sign ). Zorro's suave and comedic sides were very apparent in both actors that played him. Anthony Hopkins played the older Zorro while Antonio Banderas played the new Zorro 'to be'. Each played there parts well...could a sequel be upon us?? All ages would enjoy this movie, even kids...( there are only a couple scenes that there eyes may need to be covered, like when someone's head is cut off...). I definitely would recommend this movie for all to see.

Meet Joe Black

What was this movie about?? Well, was it about 'Death' wanting to take a holiday and see what 'life' was like? Or was it about a man that had lived a full life and just wanted to make sure his daughters were on the right path of life before departing?? Or, was it about a younger daughter that wanted more out of life then just the 'right' man in her life. I think the movie was about all of the above. With all these things going on in the movie, the length of the movie was 3 hours which some critics say was too long. My test of a movies length is to see how many times I look at my watch. I only looked at it once, which is a good sign the movie did hold my attention most of the time. The actors in the movie, Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, definatey did make the movie worth watching, but the whole story made you think about life and made you wonder if your truly are living it to the fullest you possibly can. I enjoyed the movie, I will give it a thumbs up.

Mighty Joe Young

Now since most of you know that I LOVE gorillas, do you really expect me to give this movie a bad review?? Well, you won't be disappointed. I really enjoyed this movie, even with all the silly action that went on in the movie. This was a movie you could just sit back and enjoy and not worry about following a plot and missing something. The gorillas, real and mechanical, were really cute. Ok, so I did cry a couple of times, but didn't you when you saw King Kong??? Thumbs UP!


Walt Disney has done it again. Mulan is a wonderful movie about a Chinese girl on the brink of womanhood who takes the place of her father in the war against the Huns, by dressing up as a male warrior. The animation is as spectacular as ever,especially the avalanche scene toward the end of the movie. The movie does follow the actual Chinese story of Mulan, that has been around for centuries, with great detail. The movie reminds me of another Disney favorite of mine " Beauty and the Beast ". Again, the title character, being a woman, is shown to be strong and proud. If you like movie soundtracks, make sure to get this one with songs from Donny Osmond to Stevie Wonder. Everyone in your family will enjoy this movie.

The Negotiator

Are you ready for a 'good' action/mystery/drama movie?? The Negotiator is your movie to see next week. I'm afraid many people are going to pass this one by, but they shouldn't. Samuel Jackson and Kevin Spacey work well together on film. The storyline is very not too complex, but their chemistry together makes the movie worth watching. Samuel Jackson's character is a top police negotiator, but the world around him starts to grumble as he is accused of stealing pension money from the police force. Unlike some action movies, the amount of explosions and gun fire is very minimal ( and not as 'loud' as some movies have been this summer). The whole intrigue of the movie is to find out who are the bad and good guys and will time run out before Samuel Jackson's character kind find out the truth. You'll enjoy the ending of the movie. If I were rating this movie A,B,C....and not thumbs up or down, I would put this in the B range ( I don't put too many movies in the A range ). More could have been done to the storyline, but overall I did enjoy this movie.....thumbs up.

One True Thing

My first impression of this movie was that it was made for Meryl Streep so that she could get another Acadamy Award nomination. This is another movie that has one person dying (cancer), one person giving something up, and one person that doesn't understand what is going on. William Hurt was the head strong father that wanted only the best for his kids and for life to go on as normal, even though his wife was ill. Rene Zelwenger was the daughter that had to give up her life to come home and help mom out. The movie moved slowly, but had some very good scenes between the kids and parents. I will give this a slight thumbs up, due to the good performances.

Out of Sight

This movie was simply 'refreshing'. Out of Sight was a movie that you could just sit back and enjoy because of the good plot and characters. Another Elmore Leonard book brought to the screen, that to me is the best yet. Pulp Fiction was good, but was a little heavy on the 'dark' side of life. Get Smarty was ok, but was missing some things too. The editing of the movie used the same cut up scenes as Pulp Fiction did, going from present time, to the past and back to the present, which actually helped the movie move along at a good pace. George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez 'sizzle' on screen , while Ving Rhames, as Clooney's friend, was a delight as he always is in every movie he makes. Ok, so he plays a bank robber that is doing his last 'job' and getting out of the business. This is only a fraction of the movie of which we see his character struggle between good and evil.

I give this movie....... thumbs up !!!

The Prince of Egypt

Another good animated movie, that everyone can go see. The story line is a little more adult than some may expect it to be, but it is a religous story that some kids may not get. Good special effects make the movie worthwhile and the character voices are wonderful, especially Val Kilmer as Moses. I would read the story to your children before going to help them better understand the story when watching it, in my opinion, but it will be enjoyed either way. Thumbs up!


I will start off by saying I was disappointed by this movie. It stars Robert DeNiro as a rogue for hire getting together with some other people to take part in a 'job' arranged by an Irish woman (Natascha McElhone of The Truman Show). The 'group' are told very little as to what the 'plan' and only get told information when it becomes necessary. So, the first half of the movie is a waiting game and seeing them just sitting around eyeing each other. This time could have been spent better by 'developing' the characters and telling us more about them. The real action comes about three fourths through the movie in a dramatic car chase. I won't say any more about the storyline due to the twists and turns it takes through the movie and the surprise at the end. Due to the lack of character development, I'm going to have to give this a thumbs down, but try and catch it on video.


Did you ever wonder why some people love the game of poker? This is an excellent movie to go to that will demonstrate the ins and outs of poker. I will worn you that there is a lot of poker 'lingo' used in the movie, so those that don't much about poker will lose out on some of the movies' best scenes. Matt Damon again plays a guy that is trying to do the right thing, but somehow his 'talent' gets him in trouble. His buddy, played by Edward Norton, is actually the one that gets them both into trouble, due to his 'need' to win by cheating.The plot develops along with Matt Damon's character having to decide what he really wants to do with his life. The ending may surprise you.Even though the movie was a 'little' slow, I really enjoyed it. Thumbs up!!

Rush Hour

Now this is a movie that has the right balance of gun fights, car and foot chases, and funny scences between the main characters. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker partner up to find a kidnapped child of a Chinese Diplomat. Cultures clash throughout the movie in scences that will make you roll over laughing. Chris Tucker is getting better as an actor in every movie he has been in lately ( I definetly like him better then Chris Rock ). If you have not seen a Jackie Chan movie yet, this is a good one to start with in seeing him do all his own stunts. With many good laughs, I give it a thumbs up....

Saving Private Ryan

I'm going to start this by telling you all, I am 'not' a war movie fan. In my opinion , movies that go on the big screen should be entertaining and thought provoking. The movie started off with the invasion of Normandy Beach which takes you into the movie a good 15-20 minutes, but it felt a lot longer. Blood and gore and more blood and gore. Now, I can stand your 'normal' horror movie where this happens occasionally, but not to the extent this movie does. I would not take anyone under 17 to this movie. The movie drags along with these group of eight soldiers whose mission is to find this one soldier in all of the war and tell him all 3 of his brothers are dead and he has a free ticket home. So, a good half of the movie we get to hear all of them grip ( especially one soldier who really started to annoy me ) about why they are saving 'one' person and risking their lives to save his. I won't tell you who lives or dies, but I left the movie drained and wishing I had gone to a different movie. Now, those that may have lived or know someone who lived through war may think differently about the movie, as some reviews of the movie state. The only thing that 'saved' this movie for me was Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore and finally getting to see Matt Damon toward the middle of the movie. All three of these guys portrayed their characters very well and I see oscar nominations, especially both the Toms'. This movie will probably win some Oscars, but "sorry", I would not recommend this movie....thumbs down....

Shakespeare in Love

If you want to go to a really good movie, see this one. Do not fear the word "Shakespeare" and think you will not be able to understand what they are saying. This movie is mixed with romance, adventure, and a little history lesson as you go along. I really enjoyed this movie that made me laugh and cry at some times. The story is not based on fact, but just a good guess at the possibility at how Shakespeare came up with the play "Romeo and Juliet". It's good to know that some 'original' movies are still being made instead of the same concepts in every movie that comes out. The movie stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes both did a wonderful job. This movie gets a really big THUMBS UP!!!!!

Six Days, Seven Nights

First of all, don't let the earlier reviews regarding the lead characters not being able work well on the screen because of their 'sexual' preferences. The friction you will see in the movie could light any fire, any day. The chemistry of these two main characters played by Harrison Ford and Anne Heche made the movie 'very' enjoyable. The movie had crashes, comedy, pirates, lust, adventure, and the happy ending to boot. I really came away with a smile on my face having enjoyed every moments of this movie. Book me on the next flight to Tahiti!!!!!!!! A definite thumbs up.

Something About Mary

Well, what can I say about Mary....This movie is about a guy, who likes a girl and gets the chance to go out with her to the prom and blows it. Many years later, he is still thinking about Mary and starts to look for her. There are many other twists and turns going on around these 2 main characters throughout the movie. The funniest scene is about the zipper getting caught that everyone has seen on the previews, but there is even more to it, which makes you laugh even more. This movie became a big hit, but for me a few laughs does not make a movie.Again, there is not much storyline or plot to this movie.I would wait until it comes out on video. I give it a thumbs down.

Star Trek Insurrection

The crew is back, again, for another adventure that leads them to the fountain of youth. Of the newer series of Star Trek movies, Generations and First Contact being the first two, this would unfortunately be in third place. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but it was just not up to par as a 'movie'. It felt more like a 2 hour TV movie version of the original show. For those that are not fans of the show, the movie was not explodingly exciting. I did enjoy Riker and Troy begin a relationship, they always had belonged together. The star trek team goes against the prime directive when they decide to help a city of people that somehow have lived long lives without changing physically. The bad guys want this 'fountain of youth' due to their own life species is dying out and sharing is just 'not' an option. A good adventure, that I still will give a thumbs up ( did you think I would give anything else ).


Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts play against one another as a mom and a mom want to be. This was definetly a 2 hanky movie that tugs at your heart a few times. It's an appropriate movie for the times when so many families have more than 1 mom and dad. It was too bad though that the movie swings away from their good/bad relationship when one of them becomes ill. The story line jumped from scene to scene too quickly sometimes, just to make sure that the male character , Ed Harris, made his appearance. The kids in the movie were really good too. Makes you really want to know what they can 'hear and see' sometimes when words are not even spoken. Even though the script was not strong, I still think it's a worthwhile movie....thumbs up.

Truman Show

Well, what can you say about a Jim Carey movie? All of his earlier movies seemed to be all the same 'goofball' characters that had different job titles. In the Truman show, Jim Carey shows maybe he can do more dramatic acting in his future. The story starts with Truman leaving for work and the audience slowly realizes ( as he does ) that he has been living his life in front of millions on T.V. Its interesting to watch how he reacts to the realization that 'someone' is watching him. You'll come away from the movie looking over your shoulder to see 'who or what' may be watching you ( "BIG BROTHER?? ). You still get to see some of the comedic side of Jim Carey in the movie, just not as much. I would not say this is a 'great or good ' movie as some early critics had stated earlier this year, but I enjoyed it enough to give it a thumbs up....

What Dreams May Come

Spectacular...Amazing...Mind Boggeling....what more can you say about this movie. Visually, this movie is very stimulating to the naked eye. The scenes seemed to pop out at you, like you are looking at a painting in a museum. Robin Williams just adds 'character' to a movie that probably could just be looked at with music through the entire movie and still be good. There is a plot or actually more like a story to this movie that goes along at a good pace. Cuba Gooding Jr plays a 'guide' for Robin Williams character who has died and feels lost without his 'soul mate'. I won't tell you more of the plot because that is the best part of the 'story'. I really enjoyed the movie and it is that you want to catch in the theatre to get the full effect of the 'painting'. A definite, thumbs up.

The X-Files - The Movie

The truth is out there, this movie is good and I hope more are made. These two characters of Scully and Mulder can make any scene sizzle when they are together, due to a chemistry between two people that hasn't been seen in a while. Without even one sex scene, these two made one anticipated scene , the kiss, something fans have been waiting for for years ( even though 'the kiss' didn't occur). The rest of the movie was just as good as the weekly series has been and more.The ending of the movie was spectacular with the space ship coming out the snow. I do agree that many questions went unanswered, but doesn't that mean that we have more to look forward to in the series and more movies? Anyone who is a fan or is not, will get a fun ride out of this movie.

You've Got Mail

What can you say about such a 'sweet' movie??? Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks make such a good pair, who wouldn't want to see them together again? The pair meet on the Internet and strike up friendship without truly knowing who each other are, but in reality the pair do know each other and hate each other. He owns a big chain bookstore that is taking business away from little book store owners, which Ryan's character owns. The movie brings to light how, once again, people can be attracted to one another by who they truly are and not the facade we 'see' in each other when we interact in person. I give the movie a Thumbs up!

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