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Welcome to S401: Computer-based Information Tools.

This website was designed primarily as a graduate course offered at Indiana University-Indianapolis, however the materials are available to anyone who wants to learn more about computer-based information tools.

If you're registered for this course, be sure to carefully read the Course SyllabusCalendar, and Checklist.

Let's Get Started!

This course is intended to be a practical exploration of computer-based information tools for libraries. Regardless of whether you're interested in public, academic, school, special library or other information work, this course is designed to be flexible enough to address the varied needs of students.

Keep in mind that this class contains students with a wide variety of educational, work, life, and technology experience. Try not to compare yourself to other students. Instead, focus on your own strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to email your instructor if you have questions or concerns about the specific projects and how they can better fit your professional needs.

When you're ready to begin the course, read the Course Guide. This guide will take you step-by-step through the course materials and assignments.

Course Updates

Your instructor will be sending out periodic class updates to review important course information and assignments. Please read these carefully. If you think you've missed one, be sure to check the ANNOUNCEMENTS area of Canvas.

Canvas Overview

Since this is an online course, much of the sharing and discussion will happen using the Canvas online learning environment. However since you'll be experiencing many different technologies in this course, be sure to read the activity guidelines carefully to determine where projects should be shared.

Canvas contains a menubar on the left side of the screen for easy navigation. Inside Canvas you'll find the following elements for our course:

1) The ANNOUNCEMENTS is the place where I'll be posting assignments, due dates, assignment ideas, and debriefing each assignment.

2) The ASSIGNMENTS area is where you'll be sharing some of your assignments.

3) The DISCUSSIONS area is where you'll be sharing and discussing your assignments.

4) The GRADES is a place where you can track your progress. I will be posting grades and comments in this area.

5) The PEOPLE shows the class list. You may wish to update your personal profile.

6) The SYLLABUS shows our course syllabus and website. 

7) The CHAT area can be used by anyone who would like a "real time" conversation with the instructor or a classmate.

Want to learn more about Canvas? Go to the Canvas Instruction and Help Guide.

Virtual Community

The biggest drawback to an online class is the lack of face-to-face communication with your instructor and your peers. I'll be sending out weekly course updates that will hopefully help you feel connected to me. I'll be reading your assignments which will help me feel connected to you. We can email personally whenever you have something you'd like to share or discuss.

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