carrotWelcome to S621: Audio and Video Sources

Multimedia seeds are ideas and resources to help you grow as a multimedia user, developer, technology coordinator, educator, collection developer, or librarian.

This website was designed primarily as a tool for a university course: Audio & Video Collections. This website is available to anyone who wants to learn more about audio, video, and visual resources.

Note: Throughout these online materials for the class, you will find bold-face green-color words and phrases within the paragraphs and text bodies. This visual indicator (bold-face green text) shows an active link to another web page resource. Some of these links are to other webpages within the 'Multimedia Seeds' website and others connect to off-site web resources.

The Course

Explore the Course Materials section to read the Syllabus, explore the Calendar, Requirements and Checklist, or access the Course Guide. When you're ready to begin, work your way through the four main sections: Collections, Collection Management, Collection Production, and Collection Use.

If you're interested in more information about taking this course, go to Indiana University at Indianapolis Online Courses.

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