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abcsABCs of Web 2.0

Explore each of the five sections of this online workshop: Web 2.0, Avatars, Blogs, Collaborative Wikis, Learning 2.0.


Recently a whole new generation of web-based social, collaborative, and interactive technology tools have emerged with cute names like avatar, blog, podcast, wiki, and gliffy allowing students to easily work together to reach learning goals. With these new opportunities, comes the need to apply information skills within each subject area. How do we evaluate the content that comes from blogs and wikis? How do students cite these resources? How do we assess student postings or collaborative works? How do we design safe environments? What kinds of assignments make best use of these engaging technologies? As an increasing number of the websites incorporate these dynamic features, it becomes increasingly important to know the ABCs of Web 2.0. In this workshop we'll try out each of these technologies and identify realistic, practical applications for teaching and learning across the K12 curriculum.

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