Join the Beam Team:
New Frontiers in Teaching and Learning

Join the "beam team" and explore new frontiers of teaching and learning. No traffic jams, security lines, or costly tickets for this trip. All you need is a thirst for knowledge, a destination, and a guide to lead the way. From Palm Paradise to Internet World, remember it's the journey and not the destination that's most important. This session examines how technology can help you address important standards, meet individual needs, and engage students by taking you to new worlds of teaching and learning.

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Beam Me Up!

How Far Have We Come? Field Trips of the 60s - Endless Tools

Endless Opportunities

  • Virtual adventures Real-time data sharing
  • Real-time communication Collaboration
  • Science & Cultural Exchange
  • GLOBE -

Are you ready to join the beam team?
Mission: Explore new frontiers of teaching & learning. No traffic jams, security lines, or costly tickets

Dream Team Membership

You need a thirst for knowledge, destination, and a guide to lead the way. Remember: It’s the journey, not the destination that matters.

The Goal

Address standards. Meet individual needs. Engage students. New worlds of teaching & learning

Think Synergy! The Correct Answer?

A) Desktop Computers B) Internet C) Handhelds D) All of the Above!


Books & Internet, Outside with Palms, Cameras, Computer
Friendships in Nature by James Gary Hines II
Symbiosis -
Symbiosis -
Digital Camera & Palms
Check off plants & animals
Record observations
Write poems

The Big Question… Why Technology?

Value-Added Services - What does it take to get people to spend $50 per day to visit an amusement park?

Value-Added Technology - What does it take to make technology worth the time and effort? The Learning Experience

E’s of the Learning Experience

  • Excite
  • Enhance
  • Engage
  • Experiment
  • Exchange
  • Explore



  • Scenarios
  • Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Real-world Applications
  • Visualize Vocabulary
  • Multiple Examples


  • Combine text, audio, visuals
  • Combine content areas:Language Arts, Fine Arts, Science
  • Gopher Up Your Sleeve by Tony Johnston





New Frontiers!

  • Software Safari
  • Internet Island
  • Palm Paradise
  • Combo Cruise

Software Safari

Internet Island

Palm Paradise

  • Accessible
  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Expandable
  • Interactive
  • Types of PDAs
  • Pocket PC - Windows CE
  • Palm/Handspring - Palm OS
    • Teacher Organizing Tools
      Scheduling Grading & Tracking progress
      Attendance Inventory
      Lesson plans Lecture notes
      Unobtrusive observation
      Teacher’s PET
    • Student Organizing Tools
      Reading lists Assignment tracking
      Collaboration Homework software
    • Learning Tools:
      Instructional Tutorials
      Simulations Games
      Practice & Testing Drill & Practice
      Testing & Quizzes Flash cards
      Q&A FAQs
    • Information Tools
      Language Translation
      Speeches (read & listen)
      Articles and Books
      Maps and Diagrams
      Absolute Word Dictionary
    • Production Tools: Word Processing
      Note Taking
      Journaling and Logging
      Language Arts
      Lab & Field Notes
      Messages and Email
    • Production Tools: Data Management
      Database Checklists
      Outline Poll & survey data
      Identification keys
      ThinkDB SurveyMate
    • Production Tools: Calculation
      Spreadsheet Calculator
      Graphing Calculator
    • Production Tools: Graphics
      Graphing Concept mapping
    • Production Tools: Imaging
      Sketching Drawing
      Scrapbook Slideshow
      Photo Albums
      Go N Tell
  • Portable Electronic Keyboards
    • Portable word processor
    • Enter and edit text
    • Saves, prints or uploads file
    • Dreamwriter, Alphasmart
  • Digital Audio Recorder
    • Records & stores sound/voice
    • Can be stand-alone or PDA attachment.
  • MP3 & Data Storage
    • Download & play MP3 files
    • Some (iPod) have data storage and retrieval
    • Can be stand-alone or PDA attachment.
  • Digital Imaging: Video Camera
    • Takes & stores photos & video
    • Play or upload to computer
  • Digital Imaging: Still Camera
    • Takes & stores photos & video
    • Upload or print
    • Can be stand-alone or PDA attachment.
  • Probes & Sensors
    • Monitors, measures, & collects data
    • Can be stand-alone or PDA attachment.
  • Calculators
    • Calculate Graph
    • Can be stand-alone or PDA software.
  • Ebook Reader
    • Download and read electronic books, text, and documents - Can be stand-alone or PDA software
  • GPS: Global Positioning Satellite
    • Uses satellites to locate specific coordinates
    • Can be stand-alone, computer, or PDA attachment.
  • Teacher Tap Handheld -

Combo Cruises

  • Mix and Match the Best of All
  • Float Shop Tour Party Sleep
  • Genetics -
    Genetics on Your Palm
    Breed Zwikis -
  • Science - Nature Park Project
    *GPS finds location
    *walkie talkie contact
    *wind speed sensor
    *PDA & water probe
    Combined cost < laptop!
  • Mathematics - Nature Park Project
    *Audio Directions
    *Graphing Calculator
    Addressing Multiple Intelligences
  • Social Studies Project - Oral History Project
    City Centennial
    *PDA schedule, Q&A, survey
    *Digital video interview
    Upload to desktop computer
  • Language Arts & Physical Education
    Bicycle Safety Project
    *Still camera photos
    *Keyboard write step-by-step instructions
    Upload and create webpage

How Do You Learn Best?
Integrate virtual visit approach:
Explore a Place Plan a Trip
Thematic Trip Have an Impact

Real-World Experiences
Your aunt and uncle are entering the Peace Corps, they’d like you to be involved next summer.
What will their life be like?
Where will they be living?

Dream Team Membership
Thirst for knowledge
Guide to lead the way
Remember: It’s the journey, not the destination that matters.

Think Experiences
Authentic Resources Multiple Approaches
Meaningful Activities Authentic Assessments

Think Thinking!
Create synergy w/ 2+ students
Use varied resources
Allow multiple ways to share
Go beyond the classroom
Apply standards!

Changin’ Times
Housewife Architect Archaeologist
Astronaut Student options are endless…

Created by Annette Lamb, 3/03.