Beyond the Book:
Matching Reading Standards &
Technology-Rich Thematic Projects
Annette Lamb
Some kids love to read and others would rather be biking. Promote a love of reading. There are all kinds of reading. Even for bike riders… Sometimes you need to read the map or manual.
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Reading Standards & Tech-Rich Themes
  • Reading Goal
  • Technology Goal
  • Not isolated skills
  • Applies reading & technology strategies independently and flexibly
The Basics: Reading Comprehension
Officer Buckle and Gloria, Peggy Rathmann
Demonstrate Understanding
  • Write, Draw, Retell, Demonstrate
Learn the Tricks
Apply the Skills
Communicate Ideas
Start with Reading Standards
  • Understand complexity of the text: ideas, insights and reflections
  • Comprehends beyond the literal, to the personal, critical and/or evaluative responses.
  • Connects to experiences, texts, concepts, issues, cultural settings.
Add in Technology Standards
  • Information Skills
  • Evaluation Skills
  • Communication Skills
Add in Content Standards
Book as Focal Point
  • English: Fables
  • History: Depression, Railroads, Communication
  • Music: Jazz
  • Science: Rocks
Christopher Paul Curtis, Bud, Not Buddy
Check out the example at
Locating Standards
Standards & Matching Lessons
Reading Purposes
Reading for:
Reading for Literary Experience
Read: novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays
The Arthurian Legend
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • Art
The Standards
Reading for Information
  • Read: magazines newspapers, texts, encyclopedias, catalogs, books
  • Interpret features:headings, tables, graphics
  • Skim for information
The Chicago Fire
  • History outcome
  • Reading outcome
  • Evaluation, Critique, Comparison, Debate
The Great Fire, Jim Murphy
Reading to Perform a Task
Reading Stances
The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
High Level Connections
Why Read?
  • Pedaling for Performance
  • Pedaling for Pleasure
  • Match Standards & Resources
Selecting Web-based Narratives
  • Text structure
    • idea organization, sequencing, headings
  • Vocabulary
    • labels for ideas and concepts
  • Helpers
    • visuals, typography, structure
Use Story Maps
  • Setting -when and where
  • Characters -people or players
  • Initiating event -establishing action
  • Conflict/goal -the focal point
  • Events -attempts to address goal
  • Resolution -goal outcome
  • Theme -the main idea
Selecting Web-based Informational Texts
Thematic Approach: Irish Potato Famine
  • Combine: Narrative & Info Text Reading
  • Combine: Paper-based Computer-based
Nory Ryan's Song, Patricia Reilly Giff
Technology & Reading Instruction
  • Before Reading
    • Anticipate meaning
  • During Reading
    • Construct meaning
  • After Reading
    • Refocus, reflect reconstruct, extend
Big Machines, Karen Wallace
A Dozen Ideas: Get headed in the right direction
Find Help
Online Book Reviews
Publisher Websites
Online Literature
Simple Comprehension
Personal Experience
Culture Connection
Reading Collaboration
Connect to History
Varied Readings
Standards and Themes
Web-Based Reading
  • Reading
  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Note taking
  • Visual mapping
Women's History
Remember the Ladies: 100 Great American Women, Cheryl Harness
People Theme Projects
Reading and Technology - Why web-based reading and online activities?
Read, Read, Read - The more you read, the better you get.
Collaborate - Reading is more fun when you share!
Make it fun - Students become more involved in personal stories.
Do It Daily - Build vocabulary through ongoing, online activities
Create with Online Tools - Storymakers, Poetry creators, Puzzlemakers
Address Info Overload - Focus attention
Challenge Students
  • Skim
  • Use menus
  • Use dictionaries
  • Use visuals
Beyond the Book - CD-Audio, KidPix, HyperStudio, Web
Polka Bats and Octopus Slacks, Calef Brown
Wear Your Helmet
  • Anticipate Problems, Be Prepared
    • preselected websites, activities
Balance Activities
  • On computer
  • Off computer
  • Individual
  • Team
Match Reading Standards
  • Content Standards
  • Technology Resources
  • Thematic Learning
Focus on Fun

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Created by Annette Lamb, 6/01