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Standards and Nesting Materials

Many states have recently updated their standards to reflect the needs of 21st century children and young adults. For instance, Iowa's Core Curriculum stresses 21st Century skills across the curriculum.

ISTE and AASL have recently updated their student standards. If you're already addressing the old standards, now is your chance to revisit your curriculum and reconnect with the teachers in your building. It's also a great opportunity to infusion Web 2.0 applications and other new technologies across the curriculum.

Explore the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner from AASL.

  1. inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge;
  2. draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, and create new knowledge;
  3. share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as members of our democratic society;
  4. pursue personal and aesthetic growth.

Students read a graphic novel such as Laika by Nick Abadzis and create their own comic using Comic Life exploring the fact and fiction in the book.

Explore the NETS - National Educational Technology Standards from ISTE.

  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Communication and Collaboration
  3. Research and Information Fluency
  4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  5. Digital Citizenship
  6. Technology Operations and Concepts

Students wrote a historical fiction book called That A Man Can Stand by Decatur Discovery Academy Grades 7-8 and publish it on Lulu.

Ask Yourself: Are these elements addressed in the curriculum? Where?

These standards matter because they are about...

questionMy test for the new standards is whether they could result in motivating young people to go beyond the basics and ask high level questions.
Ask yourself: Will they challenge and engage young people in meaningful activities and assessments? How? Why?

Elements for Nesting

Examine the standards. Think about how they can be combined with content area standards to begin rebuilding and strengthening your curricula nest.

Favorite Parts. Both sets of standards do a great job focusing on the following areas:

wingsJounrey to the Bottomless Pit

Favorite Parts of ISTE Standards

Favorite Parts of AASL Standards

questionWhat kind of nester as you? How will you approach the new standards? Will you develop your own program?
Will you integrate within a single subject area or all areas?
Will you tackle everything at once or will you work in phases?
What are the pros and cons of each approach?

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