Evaluating Online Lesson Plans  
Each member of the group will explore a lesson plan from a different lesson planning site. Be sure to look for the way they used classroom management techniques.
As a group, compare and contrast the following elements of the lesson plan:
Local, Regional, or Project Lesson Plans 
Resource Specific Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Link Pages
Use search engines and add the words "lesson," "webquest," or "teacher's guide." Try at search at Google or check out other search engines.
Explore the folllowing lesson plan elements:
Level of Detail
How much detail is provided in the lesson? Would you be able to use the lesson without further information? What additional details would you request from the author?
Lesson Planning Format/Layout
What do you like and/or dislike about the lesson format and layout? Are there elements that you feel are missing? What would you add?
Technology and Teaching Strategies
Does the lesson make good use of the technology? Is technology viewed as a tool or an object of instruction? Do you think the teaching/learning strategies are effective? Is this lesson a good use of instructional time? If not, what would you change to make it more effective?
Compare the way that the lesson planned for technology and how you plan for technology in your classroom. Discuss elements that you think should be considered when developing a lesson and classroom management strategy for a technology-rich project.
Share your recommendations with another group.
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