Technology-Rich Tools and Resources
You'll find lots of great technology tools and resources for use with your students. Start by exploring how webquests can be integrated into your curriculum.
Activity 1: Use Word Processing
Play chronology. Write the name of an event in history. The next person adds another event under the first event. Go back and reorder the events in the correct order. Add information to particular events such as a description or date.
Create a list of things that people throw away. Create major recycling categories. Move "throw away" words into categories. Practice copy and paste, indentation, font sizes and style.
Write a sentence. Put it in a cool color. Add to another student's paragraph in another color. Edit in your color. Add adjectives and adverbs. Add more action. Do some editing.
Activity 2: Integrate Varied Channels of Communication: audio, video, graphics
Go to the wildlife site and copy a picture and/or a sound. Put this resource into a word processing document, HyperStudio stack, Kidpix file, or Powerpoint presentation. Or, select a piece of electronic clip art and paste it into a word processor, graphics, or multimedia software package. Modify the picture to create a new prairie animal or plant. Write a poem or story about your picture. Or, invent a math problem.
Activity 3: Modify an Image
Go to the American Memories, Science Clipart, or Yahooligans Downloader site. Select and copy an image from history or science. Paste it into imaging software. Put Dr. Lamb or a picture of yourself into the photograph. Write a news article set in the appropriate time period.
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Developed by Annette Lamb, 11/99