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Interdisciplinary Approaches

Consider ways to connect reading and writing across the curriculum.

Although not all students will be interested in math, science, and fish, consider other connections. The contemporary nonfiction adventure called The Wild Trees by Richard Preston might get students interested in The Tree by Colin Tudge and a study of natural history. Use the author websites as a way to learn more about the topic and extend the inquiry.

Tie history to literature and investigate the history of oysters with the book The Big Oyster: History in a Half Shell by Mark Kurlansky or cod by reading Cod by Mark Kurlanksy. Tie these histories to local, national, or world history. What other key resources such as spices or salt have played a role in history? Find these connections in books such as Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. Use the PBS website to draw students into this exploration of history, geography, and science. Watch Richard Preston on the Daily Show or Jarod Diamond on the Colbert Report to get students interested.

Explore Your Multigenre Web as an assignment that could cross disciplines.

Notice how Science of Snake Oil? Information Literacy in the 21st Century connects information skills in science.


Science Connections


Fiction and Nonfiction

Scientific and Technical Writing

Social Studies Connections

African American Literature


Digtial Storytelling and Living Histories

Origins of Language: History, Regional Dialects

Primary Source Materials

Great Depression

Revolutionary War Literature Circle Starters



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