Gardening in the New Millennium:
Planting, Weeding, and Harvesting the Internet
Annette Lamb
University of Southern Indiana

Who's a Gardener
Internet Flowers
Internet Weeds
Lady Bird Johnson
Wildflowers along our highways...
Wildflowers on the information highway...
We Want You!
What can you plant on the information highway?
Globe Project
Backyard Gardening
Seeds + Soil + Water & Sun = Success
Internet Gardening
Resources + Time + Effort = Learning
Use existing resources
Kathy Schrock
Blue Web 'N
Education World
Study Web
Mining Co
Expand an existing area
Join a club, an activity, a project
The Prince and I
Living Things
Start from scratch
Create printed lists, activity sheets, bookmarks, single pages, a web site
Bat Thematic Site
Plan Ahead
Lay it out
Internet for All!
Anyone can grow a carrot.
Be realistic.
Preschool sites
Arthur Site at PBS
Start Now!
When's the best time to plant?
Weather can be uncooperative.
Vietnam Site at PBS
Time It
Tulip time only comes once a year.
Students need to be prepared to use the Internet.
Entry skills: experiences, vocabulary
Human Body
Don't Kid Yourself!
You don't save time or money!
You do excite students, enrich learning expand resources
Documenting the South
Plan Ahead
It takes years to grow grapes.
Year 1: participate
Year 2: team
Year 3: on your own
Shape Up
Think Focus
Plants (or kids) can't move in a pot.
Downside: restrictions
Upside: focus
Single Site Focus
National Gallery of Art
Think Seasons!
Fun holiday sites
This day in history
Special months
History and News
Pick Good Lessons
What do you plant, when?
Check grade level, activity type, interests, outcomes
Lesson Plans
Plant the Right Seed
Choose what's best for you: seeds, bulbs, plants
Start Running
It's faster to buy the plants.
What's the goal?
Locate information
Use information
Create information
Formulate solutions
First Ladies
Get a Head Start
Potatoes start with a chunk, not a seed
Choose established projects
Look for content
Look for activities
Find Search Helpers
It takes a zillion plants for one serving of lima beans.
Is it really worth it? maybe not
Let someone else do the searching for you!
Blue Web 'N
Locate Activities
Tomatoes love the heat.
Find help for the things you don't like to do
Searching, Lesson plans, Activities
Alphabet SuperHighway
Pick the Best
Pick a sunny spot.
Use the best as a model.
Ph Factor
Choose Good Sites
Choose a site with good soil, sun, and water!
Look at reading level, interest level, ease of use, link to curriculum
Enchanted Learning: dictionary, whales
Watch for Weeds
Gardens need constant attention
Watch for weeds
Sex Is Everywhere!
Roses have thorns.
Some great sites link to questionable sites.
Pirates Project
Pests Are a Problem
Buy a pest-eating plant.
Filtering Software
"Safety Sites"
Focused Activities
Pull the weeds before they become a problem
Teach students evaluation skills
Avoid the Glitz!
Beware of talking trees
Shockwaves, Movies, MIDI files
Forget the plugins
Move on!
Tend Your Crops
Soil, Water, Sunlight
Feed Your Students
Plants need soil, sun, and water.
Not just information...
Who, will do what?
With what Result?
Government Information Sharing Project
Mix Facts w/ Fun
Squirrels like strawberries.
Draw them in with a diversion.
Hide the real crop.
Food & Drug Administration
Make It Fun
Rabbits like beets
Place learning in a context
Create a webquest!
EcoQuest: Desert
Get Outside
Get some sun!
Mix on and off computer activities.
Lab experiments, Surveys, Photographs
Planet Earth
Be Patient
Watched plants, don't grow
Be patient
The email will come!
Gardening takes patience!
Don't worry, Relax, Give it time
Always have Plan B!
Whatzit Science Connections: Experts
Harvest Your Crop
Pick tomatoes!
Dig up potatoes!
Gather grapes!
Use Communication Channels
Some flowers have a great smell and taste.
Academy of American Poets
Use Tools
Use the tools that others have invented.
Conversion Tables
Coordinate Lab Use
Lettuce is ready before everything else you need for a salad.
You can never get the lab when you need it.
Work together!
OR Whack it.
OR Print it.
OR Copy & paste it.
Home Improvement
Sunflowers are
supply food
just for fun!
Build your own pages
Use your own pages
Vocational Education
Share with Others
Reach beyond your backyard
Photo from
Find Friends
Everyone works together in a garden
Locate a partner
Plan a project
Share your results
Epal Connections
Share the Best
Pick your favorites and put them on display.
Post your favorite lessons for others to enjoy!
Sea Shells Lesson Plan
Share Ideas
Share your tools with other gardeners
Create lists of activity ideas, websites
Just Say No Lesson
Share a Lesson
Create your own garden
Build your own page, lesson, unit, course
Caesar Lesson
Water the World
Well water is free, share it with your friends.
Encarta Lessons
Involve Students
Get students involved in growing plants
Hercules Student Project
Go Global
Share your crop around the world!
Create cyber classes
links list
links and activities
info & projects
case studies
Gardening in the New Millennium
Plan ahead
Plant the right seed
Watch for weeds
Tend your crop
Be patient
Harvest your crop
Share with others
Books by Annette Lamb
Cruisin' the Information Highway:
Internet in the K-12 Classroom (2nd Edition)
Annette Lamb & Larry Johnson
Get up to speed with basic technology, email, Web, Internet tools and resources, as well as, practical classroom activities and suggestions for leading the way onto the Info Highway.
ISBN 0-9641581-6-7 c1995, 1997 $23.95
Surfin' the Internet:
Practical Ideas from A to Z (2nd Edition)
Annette Lamb, Nancy Smith & Larry Johnson
A practical guide for integrating Internet technology into the classroom. Contains unit and lesson ideas, resource lists, and reproducible activity sheets for a wide range of K-12 Internet projects.
ISBN 0-9641581-9-5 c1996, 1997, 1998 $26.95
Spinnin' the Web:
Designing and Developing Web Projects
Annette Lamb
Explore and learn to create school sites, classroom pages, newspapers, projects, and individual pages. Design, development, implement, and evaluate web-based pages and projects.
ISBN 0-9641581-9-1 c1998 $26.95
Building Treehouses for Learning:
Technology in Today's Classrooms (2nd Edition)
Annette Lamb
Focuses on the integration of traditional and emerging technologies into today's classrooms including CD-ROM, laserdiscs, video, desktop publishing and presentations, Internet, and multimedia.
ISBN 1-891917-00-5 c1996, 1999 $34.95
The Magic Carpet Ride:
Integrating Technology into the K-12 Classroom (2nd Edition)
Annette Lamb
Focuses on integrating CD-ROM and student-produced multimedia technology into the classroom. Hands-on instructions for HyperStudio and digitizing images, video, and sounds.
ISBN 0-9641581-8-3 c1997, 1998 $23.95
Strap on Your Spurs:
Technology & Change Cowboy Style
Annette Lamb & Larry Johnson
Contains strategies for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating technology programs in schools.
ISBN 0-9641581-0-8 c1994, 97 $23.95
CD-ROM: An Introduction - $59.95
Introduction to HyperStudio - $59.95
Introduction to HyperCard 2.2 - $59.95
3 Parts: Internet in the Classroom - $59.95 each
2 Parts: Internet Integration - $59.95 each
Part 1: Curriculum Connections
Part 2: Professional Tools
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