carStuck in the Mud:
Bridging the Knowing-Doing Technology Gap

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Are you spinning your wheels, but not making much progress with technology integration? Most educators now have lots of "technology stuff" and know what they should be doing... but many don't feel they can "get to the technology" when and where they need it. There's a gap between what we should do and what we actually do. It's time to figure out how to most effectively manage and integrate all the hardware, software, and other resources available to enhance learning.
The key to success lies with administrators and teachers working together to build the technology base, time and resource management structure, and professional/curriculum development program that will make this happen. It's not about technology. It's about teaching and learning. How can you most successfully match effective teaching strategies, varied student learning styles, and a wide range of technology tools and resources to build an engaging learning environment for your students? This session will focus on strategies for technology leaders that will spark the interests of your students, teachers, and administrators.
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 Created by Annette Lamb, 02/01. Updated 5/04.