Differentiating Instruction through Technology:
Meeting the Needs of All Students

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Use this page to explore online resources that can help you meet the learning needs of your students.

Read the task in the blue block. Then, use the links to help you help you complete the activity.

The Resources

The Differentiation


Thematic Starting Points

Start with the 42explore site. Then, look for the same 2-3 topics in other thematic starting places. Compare and contrast the results. How would these resources be helpful in addressing the individual differences in children such as reading level, interests, and depth? Copy the URL of your favorites into your Word document.

42explore logo Explore 42explore Projects - topic or subject index. For other pathfinders do a Google search for the topic and add the word pathfinder such as tornado pathfinder or biology pathfinder.

Primary (K2) Thematic Starters

Elementary Thematic Starters

Intermediate Thematic Starters

Middle School Thematic Starters

High School Thematic Starters

Related Resources

electronic materials logoLibrary Portals for Children and Young Adults
Pathfinder Collections
Library Spot
Web Subject Guides & Thematic Resources


Educational Portals

Some people like to use portals and others prefer search tools. Consider the pros and cons of each type of tool. Choose your favorite portal and your favorite search engine. Which tools would be the most helpful in providing resources to differentiate learning? For example, which would help you find visuals, sounds, or videos? Which would help you find extra practice for special needs? Which would be helpful in locating materials for a particular reading level?

go to teacher tapExplore Educational Portals and Starting Points from Teacher Tap.
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Elementary Portals

Middle School Portals

High School Portals


Search Tools

Search Tools


Lesson Plans

Start with The Gateway. Try the same search using each of the following lesson plan tools. Then, use Google and add the word lesson to your search such as tornado lesson.

Middle School Starters

High School Starters


Subject Area Starters

Subject Area Starters

Use the following links to explore specific content area resources. Explore the general resources or click Resources for Children.

Selected Subject Starters


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