Surviving the Dive
Surviving your dive for pearl projects requires careful planning and effective classroom management strategies. This section will explore tips for teacher and students.
  • Teacher Tips
  • Student Tips
Teacher Tips
Activity #1: Realistic Classroom Management
Explore the 42eXplore site. Select a topic and examine the suggested websites. In pairs, discuss how students might use one of the following sites in your classroom. Think about the content of the page and the directions you would provide for students. Share a tip for project starters. Do you provide…?
  • resources
  • models
  • starters
  • directions
  • assessment
Activity #2: Software Best Uses and Project Ideas
It's a good idea to review software before you purchase. If you can't review it yourself, check one of the online review sources. Check out my software review page for lots of links to review resources. Also check out the resources at the following sites.
Explore the resources available at Tom Snyder Productions. Specifically, check out the resources that accompany the Timeliner software.
  • Is there a demo available to download?
  • Are these types of online resources helpful?
  • Are classroom project ideas included?
  • Are materials available for my content area and grade level?
  • Are links provided to other resources?
  • Is there a way to communicate or share with others using the same software?
Explore KidPix Ideas and KidWorks Ideas for fun projects. Pick a project to try.
Student Tips
Activity #1: Quick Starts
Get students started on a project by providing a piece of clipart or photograph. Select a visual or visuals and discuss how these might be used in a project.
Activity #2: Active Student Projects
Ask students to go beyond providing information. Encourage them to involve the audience in their project. Add an interactive element to one of your projects.