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PIE: Professional Development and Internet
Instructional Development
It's time to update your teaching through professional development in the area of instructional development. Regardless of whether you've been teaching for five months, five years, or fifty years, you can always use some fresh ideas. Explore new teaching ideas, expand your lesson plans, incorporate educational television resources, and visual resources into your "bag of teaching strategies".
Teacher Resources
There are many teacher resources including general sites, subject area resources, and teacher guides.
Links to Teaching Resources


Lesson Plans
If you're looking for something specific. Do a search for subject area lessons and grade level lessons. You can find both on and off computer activities, thematic units, and activity ideas. Look for general lesson planning sites, State Department of Education resources, materials from Regional Labs, Grant Projects, Schools of Teacher Education projects, and School District sites.

Why reinvent the wheel? Use lesson planning sites. If you don't find what you need, use a search engine and try searching for a topic, book title, or software title + the words lessons, tips and tutorials, student projects, and./or grade K, 1, 2, 3, 4 … That's how I found this great K-3 unit site:

Links to General Lesson Planning Sites - look for the publisher of your textbook series - Microsoft Schoolhouse - great lessons with Internet links - birds link - California SCORE project - good starting point for lessons, links, and resources - teacher-produced websites, create your own!
Educational & Instructional TV
Search for your favorite TV show! There are wonderful educational resources available to go with dozens of television and video programs.
Links to TV resources for educators
Visual Resources
You can find lots of materials to help visual learners in your classroom. Use cartoons, drawing, buttons and arrows, photographs, and other visual resources. When looking for visuals, use expert starters, and search engines designed to locate visuals in speciality areas.
Links to Visual Starting Points - general subject list to clip art - links to many search tools for images - good for photographs - good for pictures, audio, videos
Links to Specialty Sites - travel - maps - satellite photos - Smithsonian
Think Project
  • How much time do students to have to explore?
  • Do students need specific or more general pictures?
  • How will students use the photos?

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