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PIE: Professional Development and Internet
Educational Technology
There are many excellent educational technology resources. Some areas include teacher portals, schools on the web, Internet integration and copyright.
Teacher Portals
Teacher portals are educational resources that provide a general starting point to all the areas discussed in this workshop including professional connections, instructional development resources, educational technology materials, links to online materials, technology integration ideas, and professional development opportunities.
Links to educational technology resources - a great online journal for educators interested in educational technology


Schools on the Net
Find out what other school districts are doing. You can locate districts, buildings, classrooms, and students on the Internet. Check out the West Elementary Page and a student-produced school page Http://
Links to School Directories
K-12 Schools to Explore
Student Project Sites
Resource Reviews & Online Shopping
Use what you have and buy what you need. If you need specialize tools, children's software, or specialty software, check online and get the most for your money. Before you buy software, check with your friends and email connections. Ask others on discussion forums such as proteacher. Use online review resources and read online review magazines.
Links to Software Review Sites - California Review Site


Monitoring Technology Use
Before using Internet with your students, you need to know the potential concerns. Use the following sites to learn how you can supervise Internet use with students.


You need to know that laws to protect you, your students, and the developers of Internet content. What's the law? What's your responsibility? Use the following websites to become better informed information users.
Links to Copyright Resources - a great article on copyright, start here! - separate the facts from the myths - is it okay to link to other people's websites? find out here
Copyright Review
  • If in doubt, get permission
  • When sharing outside classroom, get permission
  • Integrate copyright issues into assignments
Links to places to get copyright permissions or guidelines
Links to resources to help students properly cite resources - take a copyright quiz!
If you're concerned that students might be copying essays from the Internet, it's easy to check their work. Use a search engine such as Northern Light to search for a sample phrase (put it in quotation marks) from the questionable student paper. There's a good chance the phrase will pop up! Explore articles on plagiarism and check out sites that students might use to copy essays. - read about plagiarism - essays students might copy - essays students might copy
Online Professional Development
Do you need more ideas to keep you busy? Take an online professional development course or a personal interest course. You'll find lots of resources at the State Department of Education, Universities, and School District pages.
chool Districts
Links to Online Professional Development Resources for Teachers - scroll down and find the "making bookmarks" directions - learn about building and using webquests
Be a Baker
As you explore the resources provided in this workshop, consider how you can repurpose lists like this for your own use. Create your own list of favorite websites and get organized by developnig a paper folder of resources, lists, bookmarks, and maybe even your own web page! Remember, there's no best dessert or "right" way to use the Internet.
Use Internet...
...for your professional development reach outside your classroom find a professional peer make teaching/learning exciting!
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