Playing Well with Others:
Mentoring, Teaming,
and Conducting Workshops
Annette Lamb
You need enthusiasm, tact, and patience to work with teachers. Traditional approaches to staff development for technology integration have often been ineffective in producing widespread change in teaching practices. This session explores formal and informal ways to address the professional development needs of educators. Learn ways to be prepared and make the most of "teachable moments" with technology and teachers. Examine other techniques such as study groups, creation crews, and field trips as ways to promote curriculum development activities. Find out how to recruit e-contributors, e-coaches, and e-mentors to help your technology staff expand their impact. Finally, try out a dozen ways to motivate your teachers. Learn to play well with others and bring passion and enthusiasm back into your technology program.
Explore each of the following areas:
Formal Support: Integration Focus
Informal Support: Teachable Moments
Planning for Teachable Moments
Beyond One to One
Beyond Techies
A Dozen Ways to Get Teachers Going

The traditional approach is to "train teachers" or do TO teachers.
Our approach is to facilitate teacher learning and do WITH teachers.

Keys to Success:
  • The Teachable Moment
  • Comfortable, "Home Setting"
  • Enthusiasm
  • Realistic Time Commitments
  • Practical Projects
  • Passion
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 Created by Annette Lamb, 7/00