Tools for Calculating:
Spreadsheets provide number crunching for mathphobs. They give users a chance to make calculations, try out new ideas, and visualize the results.
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Spreadsheet Activities
Activity One: Build a Spreadsheet
Do some online comparison shopping. Explore the following sites and compare the price of three items. Make a simple spreadsheet that lists the place, the item, and the price. An easy place to start is with the titles of three books, movies, or CDs.
Activity Two: Compare weather in two places
Use a weather site and compare the high and low temperatures in two places. What's the difference? What's the average?
Activity Three: Use Online Calculators
Create a short activity using an online calculator.
Activity Four: Create a Spreadsheet
Use a spreadsheet as a calculator to estimate.
  • How many books in the library?
  • How many seats in the auditorium?
  • How bricks on the building?
  • How many "keyboard keys" in the computer lab?
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