Seek out technology-rich resources that engage students in multisensory activities. Look for ways to connect on and off computer activities.

real iconActivity #1
Why technology? How does technology enhance the learning experience? What makes it worth the time, effort, energy, and expense?

Explore REAL learning opportunities:
Dinosphere Nonreaders from Children's Museum of Indianapolis
- ABC Game
- Dino Hunter
- Make a Movie
Dinosphere Early Readers from Children's Museum of Indianapolis
- ABC Game
- Meat or Plant Eater
- Dino Hunter
Dinosphere Older Readers from Children's Museum of Indianapolis
- Research Dinosaurs
- Dinosaur Hunter
- Build a Dinosaur
- Dinosaur
- You Dig

Engaging Starting Points

real iconActivity #2
Explore the yellow websites in each subject area first.
What features make them effective or ineffective for your learners?
How would you manage the use of this resource in your classroom?
Share your thoughts about classroom management and technology with your peers.
Color, Contrast & Dimension
National Gallery of Art - Kid's Jungle
Literacy Center
San Francisco Symphony for Kids

Applied Arts

Early Childhood

BBC: Literacy Ages 4-11
Scholastic: Clifford Interactive Storybook
Scholastic: Community Club
Star Fall


- What's in the Bag
- Word Build
- Word Wizard
- Book Report Sandwich Station
- Edit Dan's Copy
- Poetry Idea Engine
- Spelling Wizard

Fine Arts: Art, Music

ArtsAlive Games
Cloud Dreamer

NIEHS - MIDI Music Resources
Thumb Piano Tunes

Guidance, Health and Physical Education

My Pyramid

Library and Media

CyberBee & Copyright
Cyberbee Features
We The People


Addition Machine from Ambleweb
Analog Clock
Early Math Games from PBS Kids
Fraction Flags: Halves and Quarters
Fraction Flags: Thirds
Flash Cards for Beginners (Add & Subtract 1-10) from Pauly's Games
Professor Finkle's Adding Machine from Pauly's Games
Speed Grid Challenge - Addition
Speed Grid Challenge - Subtraction
Starship Math from BBC
Subtraction Machine from Ambleweb
Sum Sense- Multiplication - Figuring out multiplication problems
Sum Sense- Division - Figuring out division problems
Times Tables from BBC
Tables Tester from Ambleweb
What2Learn Math Interactives

Cyberchase from PBSKids
Division Machine from Ambleweb
It's My Life from PBS Kids
Math Interactives from wickED
Measuring Angles
What2Learn Math Interactives


Save the Egg from March of the Penguins
Colonial House Dress Me Up
Simple Machines
Virtual Japanese Culture

Buffalo Hide Painting
Build an Island from NOVA
Building a Sod House
Build a Tree-Ring Timeline
Design a Panda Habitat from Smithsonian (Narrated or Not Narrated)
Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge from Smithsonian (Narrated or Not Narrated)
Make a Tidepool from Monterey Bay Aquarium
My Pyramid - food pyramid
This Old Habitat
A Walk in the Forest from Smithsonian

Welcome to Bayville
Windward - weather and sailing race
You Be the Historian

Social Studies

Alaska Volcano Observatory
Children's Garden
CritterCam from National Geographic
Field Trip Earth
Go George Go
Historic Philadelphia
Interactive Tour of Ellis Island from Scholastic
National Register Travel Itineraries
Rainforest Rescue
Scholastic Explorers from Scholastic
Science Expedition from Scholastic
Underground Adventure Virtual Tour

Columbia River from National Geographic
Destination: International Space Station
Eternal Egypt
Great Barrier Reef from National Geographic
Monterey Bay from National Geographic
The New Suburb from National Geographic
Rainforest at Night from National Geographic
Surviving Everest
Traditions of the Sun

Developed by Annette Lamb, 11/04. Updated 10/06.