Re-imagine, Rejuvenate, Renew:
Beyond Tech Coordinator 2.0

Are you ready for the Class of 2020?

Explore LibraryThing and Lamb's LibraryThing.

Step 1: Re-imagine the Tools


Explore areas within Wikipedia:

Explore some examples of wikis:

Add or edit a wiki:

Create a blog and a wiki:

  • Edublogs (also creates an ad-free wiki)

Learn more at High Tech Learning: Collaborative Web & Wikis

Popular examples of Web 2.0 applications include MySpace, YouTube, SecondLife, SecondLife Teens, and GoogleEarth. Netsmartz online tools are addressing safety issues regarding these tools.

Go to High Tech Learning: Tools and explore examples in Text, Data and Illustration, Photography, Audio, Video, and Animation.


Step 2: Rejuvenate Learning Spaces

worldTry PowerPoint Sidekicks.

Try SecondLife.

Go to High Tech Learning: Learning Spaces for examples and explore examples email, forums, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs, virtual conferencing, Collaborative web and wikis, social networks, course management systems, desktop spaces, and interactives.


Step 3: Renew Partnerships

small stepsLEAD with Baby Steps

  • Listen
  • Empathize
  • Analyze
  • Decide

The Wright 3Build pathfinders, mini-quests and small scale projects that are realistic and can address specific learning needs. For example, The Wright 3 project contains online activities across the curriculum.


As you design projects, build in information age issues, project relevance, and meaningful assessments.

Indian YellFor example, use a graphic novel format in PowerPoint to create historical graphic novels that can be shared online as well as part of a graphic novel art fair.

Open Call-Out Starter. Create call-out bubbles. What would this person say about this place? Open More Call-Outs. Create an assignment for one of the photos.


Start Today

Mahatma Gandhi said that you must be the change you wish to see in the world.

High school classes in New York and Michigan teamed up to share their reflections on reading Night by Elie Wiesel. The classes blogged about their experience. Some even published their findings. Many students made comparisons regarding what is happening today in Sudan. Some of the student projects were published in An End to Intolerance (PDF) from AETI.

Are you on a path to evolution or extinction? Rather than waiting for change, be proactive and seek out opportunities to re-imagine, rejuvenate, and renew.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 10/06.
This page was created as a supplement for a workshop presentation. The ideas were adapted for an article published in the MAME Michigan Association for Media in Education Media Spectrum.

For access to a narrative with a School Library Media focus, go to Re-imagine.