Riding the Reading Roller Coaster:
Read and Write Poetry
Poetry is short, fast, and fun! It's easy to print out online poetry and create your own books and bulletin boards. Create multiple reading level materials!
Explore some of the following poetry websites:
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Jack Prelutsky
Something Big Has Been Here
You've got lots of great poetry books in your library already. Read Where the Sidewalk Ends or Something BIG Has Been Here.
What are your favorite poets? Learn more about the poetry of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.

Check out the Poetry for Children page for lots of poetry sites and projects. Explore a poetry unit. Have you heard of a poetry slam. If not, check out this poetry slam lesson.

Design an activity that involves students in read and writing poetry. Consider publishing on the Internet at Poetry Pals. Try using a writing tools like the ones below:

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Created by Annette Lamb, 1/01