Riding the Reading Roller Coaster:
Read for Fun and Address a Standard
Look for cute, silly, funny, and even hilarious books to promote reading. Then, locate good quality informational websites to use with the book. Identify a specific standard and a specific activity that uses the website in an interesting way.
Read Squids will be Squids, How to Eat Fried Worms, or Bunnicula . Then, study fables, worms, or rabbits online.
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Arthur Dorros
The Fungus that Ate My School

Tie a silly topic and a state standard. For example, read The Fungus that Ate my School, then explore the world of fungi.

Read some silly fables in the book Squids will be Squids. Or, use the following websites for ideas. If you don't teach fables, try mythology:
Write an activity that relates to a specific standard. Go to online standards such as State Level Standards Starting Points, State Standards Links, or Georgia Department of Education. Some benchmark ideas are shown below:
  • Understands the defining characteristics of literary forms
    • Discuss origins and purposes of fables
  • Understands the basic story elements
    • Identify the elements of a fable
    • Identify the moral, theme, or lesson in a fable
  • Summarizes and paraphrases information in texts
    • Retell a story
    • Outlines information from text
  • Uses information from text to support opinions, predictions, and conclusions
    • Write a fable containing a moral
  • Write informative texts
    • Write a list of rules for life
  • Locate and read literature from web-based sources
    • Use web-based fables
  • Develop communications using technology
    • Write using a word processing tool

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Created by Annette Lamb, 1/01