Riding the Reading Roller Coaster:
Think Magazines and Newspapers
Read print and online magazines. Web-based magazines are called ezines. Online articles are great for short reading activities. Notice that some of the magazines only provide parts of articles or selected articles from the print edition.
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Try some online newspapers and news organizations:

Design an activity that requires students to practice their reading, summarizing, paraphrasing, or other skills using an online news or magazine resource.
Design an activity the uses a daily resource. Explore the following links for ideas:

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Word Central

The Case: Solve a Mystery

Discovery Channel Earth Alert

Middle School Daily Voc Builder

Upper Elem Daily Voc Builder

USA Today - Today History

Life - This Day

History Channel - This Day

American Memories - Today in History

History Net - Today in History

Scope - Today in History

Those Were the Days

Paragraph a Week Project

Home Schooling Daily List, Weekly List

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