Evaluate materials

Once you've identified resources that could be used in your classroom, it's time to evaluate those materials. Ask yourself:

  • Will the resources really help my students learn?
  • Is the resource a good use of instructional time?
  • Are the materials appropriate for my students?

Evaluation Tools

Thematic Units

Project Sites

Informational Sites

Activity Sites

Sponsored Sites


Evaluation Tools

Use evaluation tools to help you select quality resources.


Ed's Oasis Online Evaluation Center

Kathy Schrock's Evaluation Surveys

700+ Great Sites Selection Criteria

Informational Sites

Many informational sites are not written specifically for children. Will the content be motivating and interesting for your students? Is the scope and sequence of information logical and useful? Is the depth of the information appropriate for your children? Is the content appropriate for the reading level and maturation level of your students?

The Weird Guys Who Write Poems

Cybrary of the Holocaust

World Wide Worlds

Missouri Botanical Garden

Thematic Units

Examine the objectives and lessons in the thematic unit. Are they focused for your grade level? Do they use strategies that you would use?

Thematic Units


Treasure Island 1

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl

Treasure Island 2


Activity Sites

There are many activity sites on the Internet. Students can solve problems, play games, and explore issues. Do your students have the skills to use the activities? Are the directions clear? Can the activity be done in a timely fashion? Does the activity help a student apply or synthesize information or is it "just for fun"? Is the activity good use of instructional time?


Food Finder

United Nations CyberSchoolBus

Kid Foods Cyberclub

Project Sites

There are thousands of Internet-based projects that your class can join. Does the project fit your outcomes, depth, and timeline?

Insect Project

Online Project Examples

Sponsored Sites

Many sites have sponsors. Some of these sponsors are selling products through the website or require accompanying materials that must be purchased. Can the site be used without other materials? Can you repurpose the materials to serve your needs?


Social Studies School Service

The Oregon Trail


Spin the Web!

Let's do some evaluation. Use the topic links below to find a website to evaluate. Using the CyberGuides form, evaluate two of the four websites you've located in your topic area.

Do some brainstorming:

  • Do you like the CyberGuides evaluation form? What changes would you make for your own use or for use by your students?
  • Do you think it's important for students to evaluate the sites they use in their projects?
  • Would an evaluation form be a good tool for students? What other tools could students use to evaluate the quality of information they find?
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