Student Starships:
Teaching and Learning in the New Millennium
By Annette Lamb
Innovators unite! It's time to use the tools and resources of technology to reach for the stars. Explore effective ways to integrate Internet into the classroom, match standards and instructional development ideas with teaching and learning strategies, and consider ways to meet the individual differences of your students. The Internet can be the great discriminator or the great equalizer. You decide. Give students the tools to build their own student starship and set a unique course into the new millennium!
Books + Technology
Set in a place where innovation is a crime
The Worst Band in the Universe - Graeme Base
Innovators Unite!
Tools & Resources
Computer software
Video recordings
Digital cameras
Internet resources
Interaction - students, adults, experts
Collaboration - across grade, class,country
Try find a way
Musical Expression
Oral History of Music Listeners
Writing of Music Lyrics
Science of Instruments
Music of the Millennium
Kid's Guide to the Millennium - Love & Drake
Why Internet?
daily updates
timely activities
connecting kids
teacher ideas
Seek out new worlds
What is technology integration?
Designing Learning Environments
Great Inventions - Discovery Company
New learning worlds
Match desired outcomes (standards)
to instructional development
to teaching to learning
Finding Resources
Starting Points for children, young adults, adults!/
Pick 4 Starting Points
Find Project Headquarters
Information Resources
Links Sites
Select Age Appropriate Resources
Text & Visual Presentation
Share Student-Produced Projects
Use projects by kids for kids
Use Meaningful Activities
Integrate Games
Match to curriculum
Info Presentation
Mix On/Off Computer
Internet: Live information and communication, Saved, Printed
Real materials
Digital cameras
Think Management: Individually, Pairs, Groups
Do it Regularly: Daily, Weekly,Quarterly
Join In: Contest, Project, Program
Multimedia: Text, Audio, Video, Graphics
Reach Out: Ask an expert: Email a friend
Build/Use WebQuests
Introduction, Task, Process, Resources, Product, Closure
Locate Teacher Resources
Search for "lesson", "unit", "guide", "teacher"
Technology Starships
Multiple Intelligence & Tech
Verbal, Mathematical, Visual, Kinesthetic,
Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal
Shade's Children - Garth Nix
A Few Rule the World
Young Adult Fiction
Technology -good and bad
People - good and bad
Varied Resources: The Role of Women
Books, Documents, Videos,
Discussions, Images
Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride - Pam Munoz Ryan
Internet Starships
The great discriminator? OR The great equalizer?
Limited Availability
poor, rural, low tech areas
Restricted, Filtered Access
Unfocused Info Skills
Invisible past and present
name, clothes, race, history
Reach outside school
communicate, share
vast info/people resources
Mythology, Solar System, World Cultures
Technology: information, communication
Moontellers - Lynn Moroney
Student Starships
Give students the tools to build their own starships
Nova's Ark - David Kirk
The New Millennium - Set your own course
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This workshop is a companion to the book, Building Treehouses for Learning.
This workshop contains elements from the following presentation: Technology Tools in Teaching and Learning.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 11/99. Updated 3/00.