Instructional Strategies
Focusing On Instructional Strategies
Many educators develop informational rather than instructional presentations. Effective learning environments do much more than dispense information. They incorporate a wide range of effective teaching and learning strategies. The final section of this presentation focuses on specific instructional strategies that will make your desktop presentation a powerful learning experience.

Making It Stellar
Focus on… Specific Outcomes
What do you want your students to be able to do or talk about?
What are the essentials questions? How…Why…
Focus on… Connections
Compare prior knowledge to new ideas as a preview
Connect new knowledge as a review
Focus on… Active Questioning
Beyond yes and no…
What if..How would you..Why would you..
Focusing Questions
What are some examples?
What could happen if?
How are things alike/different?
What would you predict?
What made you think of that?
Divergent Questions
Brainstorm possibilities
Look for variety
Encourage a wide range of ideas
Explore varied perspectives
What's a different way…?
About about the other side?
If you were a… what would you?
Essential Questions
Demand insight & reasoning
Require engagement
Answers invented, not found
What would have to happen…?
How has my thinking changed?
Expanding Questions
What do you think is most important? Why?
How does this relate to…? How?
Focus on… Examples
Discuss the example
Explain a non-example
Provide another example
List possibilities
Transitions -
Using Examples
Expository-based - Statement, then examples
Inquiry-based - Examples, then statement
Focus on… Visual Elements
Photo Diagram
Chart Virtual Field Trips
Focus on… Auditory Elements
Sound Effects Music Speech
Maya Angelou
Jack Gladstone, Noble Heart
Voice -
Focus On… Multimedia
Events Behaviors
Procedures Experiments
Focus on… Variety
Key Points Sayings
Question & Answer Quotations
Focus on… Notetaking
Encourage brainstorms, concept maps, diagrams
Focus on… Advanced Organizers
Metaphoric devices Study guide
Focus on… Practice
Information Practice
Keys to the Presentation Universe
Remember… Presentations are guides,
not substitutes for good teaching
Remember… Keep your students actively thinking through variety
text visuals
sounds motion
Remember… Promote interaction through questioning
focus divergent
essential expanding
Remember… Connect content to experiences
examples situations cases
Provide multiple ways to access presentation
live, video, web-based, printed
Build your skills Critique & Use
Modify, Adapt, or Enhance Co-produce

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Created by Annette Lamb, 02/02. Updated 11/03.