Let's Build Stellar Presentations!

Activity 1: The Power of Pictures

Teach through photographs. Explore the following resources. Create a 1-5 slide presentation that teaches through photographs. Use the notes area for teaching ideas.


Activity 2: Search for Existing Presentations

Use Google to locate online presentations.


Activity 3: Digital Storytelling and Simple Activities

Provide students with:

  • One side of a debate (dams & salmon) - they provide the other side
  • A story starter (ladybug) - they provide story
  • Question slides - they provide answer slides
  • Pictures - they provide word, definition, reasoning, poem, sentence


Activity 4: Questioning

Create a slide(s) that focuses on many answers for a single question:

  • Essential Questions (reading; deforestation) - Asks a how/why question. What would have to happen? How has my thinking changed?
  • Connection Questions (ag & art) - Asks students to connect prior knowledge to new ideas, what do you think of when?
  • Active Questions (math) What if?, how would you? why would you?
  • Focusing Questions (holidays) - What are some examples? What could happen if? How are things alike/different? What would you predict? What made you think of that?
  • Divergent Questions (role playing) - What's a different way? What about the other side? If you were a... what would you do?
  • Expanding Questions (pros, cons, clones) - What do you think is most important? Why?
    How does this relate to…? How?


Activity 5: Examples

Create a slide that focuses on:


Activity 6: Variety

Use variety in presentation:

  • Use Google to locate:
    • Sayings
    • Question & Answer
    • Quotations - nature, leadership, dream
    • Excerpts
    • Humor
    • Cartoons


Activity 7: Practice and Interaction

  • Create a game.
  • Use a template.
    • Jeopardy Template - Download the Jeeparty PowerPoint Template by Cary Harr - PPT file
  • Build an interactive story.
  • Design a practice environment.
  • Build a PowerQuest


Activity 8: Step-by-Step Instruction

Add a screen dump to your presentation.

  • Select the screen you wish to copy.
  • If you're copying a website, enlarge the text first.
  • Press Control-Apple-Shift-4.
  • Select the area of the screen using the cross-hares.
  • Go to your presentation.
  • Pull down the Edit menu, select Paste.

PowerPoint Resources for Purchase

FTC Publishing Materials - PowerPack, Templates

Created Annette Lamb, 11/03.