Internet is the loom
Information is the yarn
Dyes are motivation, interest, & excitement of students

Threads, & Fabrics: Selecting Internet Sites
Like selecting the right thread, web weavers need skills in selecting and evaluating Internet resources

Kathy Schrock's Evaluation Resources

Criteria for Evaluation
All threads must be strong to build an effective web page.

Goal of Site

Is the goal stated?
Is the mission served?
Does the site possess literary, artistic, or social value?
Does the goal match your needs?

Nine Planets

Appropriateness of Site

(Depends on level of user)
Is the site focused at an appropriate reading level?
Is the site free of inappropriate language or graphics?
Is any bias/opinion easy for students to identify and discuss?
Does the site foster respect for all people including women, minorites, ethnic groups, disabled, and aged?
Does the site reflect a culturally diverse, pluralistic society?
Does the site reflect global awareness?



Is the information credible?
Is the information fact or opinion?
Is supporting material provided?
Are associated links provided? Do links work?
Is a web master listed?
Is the site well-maintained and frequently updated?
Are comments requested?

Elvis Presley Official Site

Elvis Presley

Scope & Sequence of Content

Is the content well-organized?
Is the breathe of coverage appropriate?
Is information presented in a logical order?

Cockroach Site

Depth of Content

Is the site thorough?
Are links provided for expansion? Are they good?
Is the site complete?
Does the site provide "real-world" applications?

Wall Street Research Net

Multiple Channels

Are sound options provided at music/speech sites?
Are videos provided if relevant?
Are graphics used to support ideas?
Are animations used in relevant ways?


Screen Design

Are elements such as navigation tools consistent?
Are functional areas provided?
Do background and animations contribute rather than distract?
Are the font styles and sizes easy to read?
Are graphics large enough to see?
Are graphics small enough to load fast?



Is the site easy to use?
Does the site have visual appeal?
Are the graphics worth the wait?
Does the site appeal to the imagination, senses, & intellect?
Is the site interesting, stimulating, and engaging?
Is the site thought provoking?

Living in Toyko

Technical Aspects

Does the site run without error?
Are directions provided for downloads?
Does loading take a reasonable amount of time?
Do most browsers work with the site?
Is a text-only option provided?
Street Cents


Is it easy to move between pages?
Could you easily return to previous parts of the site?
Is an easy-to-use table of contents or index provided?
Were links clearly described?
Were page lengths kept short to limit options and confusion?

CMCC Museum


Is the site available and easily loaded?
Is the site restricted through password or subscriptions?
Journey North

Dyes: Promoting interest & excitement
Like choosing the right dyes, web weavers need to select projects that are stimulating and eye-catching

Theory into Practice
Real-world applications

The Virtual Garden

Mediums: Exploring channels

Graphics, photos
Maps, charts, tables, timelines
Historical documents




Internet Tapestries: Who are you?

Would you rather ...

enjoy the work of others?
design, but let someone else create?
create a page?
create a masterpiece?

Wisconsin Representatives

Austin Local Leaders

Design: Organizing teacher ideas
Like creating the pattern, web weavers must identify the best way to communicate their ideas.

Teacher communications

Print supplements
Reading guides
Lists of lists
Locally run web pages

Birds Activities

Oceanography Activities

Create: Weaving web pages
Like piecing together a quilt, web weavers must focus on parts & wholes.
Information only

Links only
Information, links, activities


Hispanic Page

Create: Weaving web tapestries
Like fabric becoming art, there's no greater thrill than seeing your web pages blossom

Identify meaningful site metaphors: book, map, chart, visual
Include all elements: overview, contents, information, conclusion, credits, links

Hawaii Project

Wyoming History Project

Display: Showing your work
Like a masterpiece in a museum, your web site will be viewed by the world.

Help students identify their audience
Focus attention on detail
Develop a means of self, peer, and teacher evaluation

Sweden Project


Creation Stories

Real World Tapestries: Spinning with polyester
In the real world, you might not have full access

Print out information/lessons
Download pages
Copy/paste text, words
Run pages locally
Use one computer & large screen

Microbe Zoo

Wolf Project

Mexico Project

Real World Tapestries: Joining the quilting bee
In the real world, join projects in progress

Join global projects
Replicate completed projects
Evaluate or add to other web pages
Submit projects to be published
Start a contest or project

TransAsia Virtual Field Trip

Shuttle/Mir Online Project

Memories of 1945

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