Information Overload & Techie Bugs:
A Prescription for Healthy Internet Integration

By Annette Lamb

Have you noticed that you can never find exactly what you need, but you can always find interesting, irrelevant websites? Do you need a personal assistant to help you wade through all the websites you've written on scraps of paper? Do you have more bookmarks than books? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need Dr. Lamb's prescription for Information Overload. This session will help you find the "best of the net" and provide realistic strategies for integrating Internet resources into classroom activities.
Technology Overload
Have you ever tried to "answer" your remote control?
X-Ray Self-Check
Are you tired of all the flashy, trashy, irrelevant websites?
Let's find practical, relevant sites!
Are you already running as fast as you can?
Let's find a personal assistant!
Do you have more bookmarks than books?
Let's get organized!
Do you have more ideas than time?
Let's choose the best!
Do you get butterflies thinking about kids and Internet?
Let's get prepared!
Let's Go!
You need a prescription for Information Overload!
The Session
  • Best of the Net
  • Managing Overload
  • Realistic Integration Strategies
  • Finding What Works
Search Tools: Your Personal Searcher
  • Tools for teens & adults, children
  • Use engine starters!/
Teacher Resources: Your Personal Assistant
  • Teacher sites
  • Subject area sites
  • Grade level sites
  • Television sites
  • Textbook sites
  • Best-of link sites
Best Of Awards Links
  • Look at your favorite sites
  • Check the awards on the page
  • Click on the award
  • Look for the links
Tools and Calculators: Your Personal Builder
  • Puzzlemakers
  • Worksheet makers
  • Story Problems
  • Converters
Learning Environments: Your Teaching Assistant
  • Collaboration
  • WebQuests
  • Tutorials
  • Case Studies
  • Simulations
Managing Overload
Remove the Pain: Plan ahead
  • get a scan converter
  • preview as class
  • group students
  • or schedule the lab
Get organized: Bookmarks
  • Search tools
  • Starting points
  • Professional tools
  • Topical
  • Find a starter site
Create pages: Work your way up
  • Paper
  • Bookmarks
  • Word processor
  • Web pages
  • It's easier than it looks!
Limit options
  • Preselect 3-4 general sites
  • Create worksheet: site, questions
  • Print out pages
Reduce pressure
  • Focus: a standard, a question, an info need
  • Avoid stuff you already have!
Fly away
  • Connect to outside classrooms
  • epals, projects, sharing
Revive Curriculum
  • Draw on student interests
  • Match curriculum to student interests
Handle Plug-in Pain
  • Are they worth it?
  • Real Audio, Real Video, Shockwave
Use Multimedia
  • Provide variety
  • Audio, Video, Graphics
Find a Friend
  • Email friends
  • Teacher chatrooms
  • Lesson websites
Ten Techie Bug Ideas
  • Realistic Integration Strategies
  • Know your bugs!
Bug: Limited data
  • Use real-world data
  • Collect data
  • Share it with others
  • Compare data
  • Draw conclusions
Bug: Need practice
  • Give students practice
  • Match to ability levels
  • Create worksheet guides
  • Provide a challenge
  • Expect results
Bug: Slightly off
  • Modify a website to fit your needs
  • Different grade, country, emphasis
Bug: Linkrot
  • Update a broken site that's good.
  • Fix linkrot
  • Locate new links
  • Email webmaster!
Bug: Boring Reports
  • Use a webquest
Bug: Need review
  • It's fun, but it's also a good way to review
Bug: Resource limits
  • Expand your curriculum
  • Beyond the textbook
Bug: Too much info
  • Start with database
  • Apply the info
    • letter to protect
    • place in habitat
    • write a poem
  • Compare the findings
Bug: Keeping up
  • Bookmark classic sites
  • Visit regularly
  • Mark specific pages
    • NASA, Smithsonian, PBS
Bug: Maintain fun
  • Incorporate themes
    • bulletin board theme
    • computer in learning center
    • handouts
    • printed web pages
  • What's cool to kids?
Find What Works
If you've been sitting in the waiting room … it's time to help yourself!
I'm nervous
  • What if kids get into something bad?
  • Use "kid sites"
  • Provide a specific site and activity.
I'm hiding
  • Look for sets of information that are easy to use
I'm uncomfortable
  • I feel like a fish out of water.
  • Try a large group activity.
I'm not "cool"
  • I feel like I'm in the wrong century.
  • Combine old & new
  • Books & Internet
I'm a klutz
  • It doesn't work for me.
  • Find sites that others suggest.
I feel pressured!
  • Try email
  • Do it regularly
  • Ask an expert
  • Post results
  • Just try one thing.
    • a special day
    • a contest
    • an email activity
I'm different
  • There's something for everyone! 42eXplore
Let's Go!
Are you ready for the piranha? … or at least a few goldfish?
Are you fired up? … at least your pilot light is lit, right?
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This workshop is a companion to the book, Building Treehouses for Learning.
This workshop contains elements from the following presentation: Technology Tools in Teaching and Learning.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 2/00.