decisionmakingBased on scenarios (elementary, middle, or high school) that are followed throughout the semester and key issues in school librarianship, Decision Point Discussions will bridge course theory and practice by presenting real-world dilemmas that will be examined in-depth. Discussions will require the use of professional literature to support opinions, proposals, plans, strategies, and recommendations.

The Decision Point Discussions will be worth 30% of the total course grade. Each discussion (6 topics) is worth 5 points (4 points for posting & 1 point for rely) with a total of 30 points possible.

decision graphicThe Decision Point Discussions are found within the Course Guide page in an orange box with the decision logo, as well as in the InTouch Forums of Canvas.

Discussion Point Postings and Replies

The Decision Point Discussion activities are required, posted in the Canvas forums, and graded. You will receive UP TO 5 points for each of the discussions. FOUR points will be awarded for the posting. The postings will be evaluated based on the following scale: 4 points = excellent; 2 point = adequate. ONE point will be given for a QUALITY reply. Explore more detail below:

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