One can learn by visiting different school libraries, media centers or whatever they are called. No two are exactly alike and take every opportunity to expand your views and experiences and see how things are done in other locations.yes sign

Let's "get real"! For this assignment, you will spend some time visiting school library media centers to check the reality of what you're learning in class.

You must visit two different school library media centers.

Consider the following restrictions and requirements:


The Reality Check Project will be worth 25 points; 25% of the total course grade.

Reality Check Topics

Your visits should include focus on the following (Not limited to these). Make sure that you cover and understand aspects of the school library and its programs related to each of these major topics:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Technology
  3. Program Planning & Accountability
  4. Policies and Procedures
  5. Collections
  6. Time Management & Scheduling
  7. Facilities
  8. Human Resources
  9. Budget
  10. Advocacy: Promotion & Events

It's up to you to decide on the exact scope and depth of your explorations. However, keep in mind that this project is worth 25% of your grade. Use the "Make it Real" questions and ideas within the course materials to help guide and formulate your own interview questions.

Your "write up" is very flexible and may include the following: questions and answers, a summary, photographs, comparisons and contrasts, selected quotes from interviews, myth vs reality, a narrative of your experience, recommendations, conclusions, and/or whatever you find most interesting. Your project should go beyond the simple reporting of your experience.

Let's bridge theory and practice by connecting your interviews with your course readings, the professional literature, and your personal and professional experiences. Consider your role as a teacher librarian with the people you interview. Do you agree or disagree with their approaches and philosophies? Why? Provide specific examples and comparisons. Incorporate your own insights and connections to the course content wherever appropriate.

Post an Canvas Message

When you have completed your Reality Check Project, it must be posted in Canvas. Create a new message and include the following information.

  1. Provide an overview of the two centers you visited (i.e., name of school, center, media specialists, location, etc.).
  2. Summarize each interview. Describe your most interesting findings.
  3. Bridge theory and practice by connecting your interview results with the professional literature.
  4. Compare yourself to the professionals you interviewed.
  5. Of the two centers visited, which would you choose if a position were available? Why? What attracted you to the position? What changes would you make? What programs would like to see implemented?
  6. Attach your Microsoft Word document to the message. Or, include the URL if you choose to make web pages.

Checklist for Grading (25 Points Possible)

The following criteria will be used in scoring the work:

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