Nancy Everhart is an Associate Professor at Florida State University and is President of the American Association of School Librarians (2010-2011). Nancy has been employed as a high school library media specialist in Pennsylvania and as a faculty member at St. John's University, NY. She serves as the Director of the school media program at FSU and co-directs Project LEAD, an IMLS initiative that prepares school library media specialists for leadership roles via National Board Certification.

Personal Website:

Everhart, Nancy (2003). Controversial Issues in School Librarianship: Divergent Perspectives. Linworth Publishing.

Everhart, Nancy (1998). Evaluating the School Library Media Center: Analysis Techniques and Research Pracitices. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited.

Selected Articles / Documents Online:
Everhart, Nancy (July 2006). Principals' Evaluation of School Librarians: A Study of Strategic and Nonstrategic Evidence-based Approaches. School Libraries Worldwide; 12(2), 38-51.

Everhart, Nancy (2005). A Crosscultural Inquiry into the Levels of Implementation of Accelerated Reader and Its Effect on Motivation and Extent of Reading: Perspectives from Scotland and England. School Library Media Research.

Everhart, Nancy (June 2002). Filling the Void. School Library Journal.

Everhart, Nancy (2000). An Evaluation of the Documents Provided to School Library Media Specialists by State Library and Education Agencies. School Library Media Research.

Everhart, Nancy (Sept. 2000). School Staffing Survey 2000: Looking for a Few Good Librarians. School Library Journal.

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