Photo of F.J. HarrisLibrarian and Professor at University Laboratory High School, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Frances Jacobson Harris team-teaches a required computer literacy course for eighth grade students, which includes information literacy and Internet ethics components.

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School Website Recognized:
Uni High's library home page was cited as the Website of the Month (by Walter Minkel) School Library Journal (Nov. 2003).

Artilcle & Documents Online:
Harris, Frances Jacobson (2009). Challenges to Teaching Evaluation of Online Information: A View from LM_NET. School Library Media Research, 12.

Harris, Frances Jacobson (Feb. 2008). Tech Teen Week, Despite Limited Access. School Library Journal.

Harris, Frances Jacobson (2002). There Was a Great Collision in the Stock Market”: Middle School Students, Online Primary Sources, and Historical Sense Making. School Library Media Research; 5.
This paper describes the results of an exploratory study of eighth-grade students and their use of online primary sources as part of an oral history unit on family farming.

Harris, Frances Jacobson (2005). I Found It On the Internet: Coming of Age Online (2nd Ed.). Chicago: American Library Association. ISBN: 0-8389-0898-5

Book Chapter:
Harris, frances Jacobson (2008). Challenges to Teaching Credibility Assessment in Contemporary Schooling, In Miriam J. Metzger and Andrew J. Flanagin, Eds., Digital Media, Youth, and Credibility, MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning. Boston, Mass.: MIT Press, 2008, 155-179.

Frances J. Harris photograph (Above) by Jim Corley, used with permission.

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