Text Box: At the beginning of the school year, the media center received a multimedia computer from Southwestern Communications for trial use.  A majority of teachers came into the media center to see the new computer and look at its capabilities and functions.  
	Its functions are many and most teachers received the computers very favorably.  Not only will the computer allow the playing of DVDs in the classroom, but it also provides the ability to record a TV program and store it on the hard drive of the computer.  
	One of the great features of the computer is the ArcSoft ShowBiz Text Box: teachers to show them how to use the computer and the ShowBiz program.  Students created a variety of different projects, including a mythology project for Mr. Meyer’s class and a year-end show for both the yearbook and newspaper staffs to show at the Quill and Scroll banquet.
	Teachers are also working to create slide shows with music to accent a unit they are teaching or have been shown how to use the program so that they may show students.
	Overall, the computer and program have been favorably received and teachers and students are looking forward to getting more of them next year.
Text Box: Multimedia Computer Trial a Success

I would add go "Avon High School!"  I heard many compliments about the facilities and especially about the ambassadors who made students, parents, judges and sponsors feel so comfortable and relaxed during what could have been a very stressful day.

Thank you Avon.

Kay Koppel,

Media Specialist Batesville Intermediate School


Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. Of all the places we have been for state media fair the last few years - Avon is by far the best place to have it.

Jeff Rudkin,

Batchelor Middle School, Bloomington

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Text Box: Avon High School Media Center
Annual Report
Text Box: Teen Read Week trips continue
Text Box: High School students traveled to Hickory, Sycamore, and Pine Tree Elementary Schools to  read for approximately 30 minutes to several classrooms.  The response received from students and teachers alike was very positive.
Text Box: Once again, several high school students traveled to the elementary schools to participate in Teen Read Week activities. This has become an annual tradition which many students look forward to each year.  
	This year, Avon Text Box: specifically Web Collection Plus and Web Path Express.   Both products are used extensively at the high school and is the main manner in which students get information about specific topics. 
	While she was there, she met with the President of Follett Software, and presented to Text Box: In October of 2003, Robyn Young traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to attend the American Association of School Librarians national convention.  As part of this trip, she was asked by Follett Software Company to speak to their customers about Follett products that she currently uses, Text Box: over 400 people at two separate early morning breakfasts.	
	For speaking on behalf of Follett, Robyn received a Transaction Tracker for the Avon High School Media Center valued at $599.00.  The Transaction Tracker allows the Media Center staff to print detailed receipts and records of transactions for each patron.  
Text Box: AASL Presentation for Follett Software
Comments received
about Media Fair

The sample multimedia computer that we received was a Hewlett-Packard.

Morgan Price shares her love of reading with students at Hickory.

Text Box: software package.  This provides true digital editing capabilities and allows for students and teachers to create a variety of multimedia products very quickly and easily.
	As a goal this year, Mrs. Young worked with a number of students and