Text Box: An extremely important part of the media specialist’s job is collaboration with the teachers on the development and implementation of class assignments.  In study after study, it has been shown that “teacher-librarians who collaborate with classroom colleagues make a difference to literacy and student achievement; those who don’t, don’t.” (Ken Haycock, editor of Teacher Text Box: Librarian in the April 2004 issue).  This holds true at Avon High School as well.
	In keeping with collaboration, the following is a partial list of teachers and topics with whom Robyn Young has collaborated:
Acton—World War II, Inventions, the 1950s, The Cold War
Cox—Graphic Novels, rocks
Craw—Genetic Disorders
Text Box: Dougherty—Inspiration
Garland—Guilded Age, Depression, Civil Rights, World War II
Gregory—comparative mythology
C. Hughes—Biomes, Inspiration
Keller—primates, Indiana dunes
Lyons—Debate topics, drug testing, embargoes
Mance—Indiana history, Asian Culture Fair, Vietnam, Hoosier literary figures
Text Box: Young and Mrs. Lebo worked to personalize it so that it would suit the needs of the AHS Media Center.  
	To enter the media center, students scan their identification card under a barcode reader.  The system scans the ID number, determines the student name and assigns a date and time that shows when each student enters the media center.   The same procedure Text Box: Each day, an average of over 100 students per day sign into the media center either from a class, at lunch, or after school.  In order to keep track of all of these students, Robyn Young worked with Suzy Lebo to develop an Access database that would keep track of students.
	Mr. Adcock gave them the original idea and database, and then Mrs. Text Box: is done when a student exits.  Students are also asked to provide a reason for entering the media center.
	The use of this system began full-time at the start of the third trimester.  While students did not initially like showing their card to gain entrance, students eventually became used to the procedure. 
	The system is important not only because Text Box: Collaboration with teachers continues
Text Box: Implementation of new database check-in procedures for students occurs
Text Box: Mr. Long and Mrs. Francis retire
Text Box: forward to working with Mrs. Schell.
	Mr. Long’s duties are being filled as they arise.  We keep his cell phone number memorized and call frequently when we need to know how to do something; however, the amount of time spent setting up equipment has obviously increased dramatically.
	Both Mr. Long and Mrs. Francis will be greatly missed.
Text Box: In December of 2003, Richard Long, AV Media Specialist, retired.  In May, Marian Francis, Media Assistant for 19 years, retired.  
	Connie Schell has been hired as a replacement for Mrs. Francis.  Mrs. Schell was a Title I assistant at Maple for a year, but had previous library experience at a public library in Florida.  Everyone is looking Text Box: Page #
Text Box: Volume 3


C. Riley—American Authors

L. Riley—geometry

Rottler—American Authors, Holocaust, Trend Analysis, Mythology Amusement Park

Spencer—The 1930’s

Toole—Holocaust, Elizabethan period

A. WilliamsFlight #116 is Down, Graphic Novels

J. Williams—PowerPoint, Inspiration, Publisher

S. Williams—Holocaust


it keeps track of students entering and exiting, but also helps with the sheer numbers of students entering the media center each day. 

      The information that can then be pulled from the database regarding purpose for being in the media center will also be very helpful in planning for future usage of the media center.

      The system will continue to be used next year.


Robyn Young, Marian Francis, and Joyce Carney at Marian’s retirement reception in May 2004.

Goals  for 2004-2005

·          Establish a “help desk” manned by students that will distribute equipment and help with computers as needed.

·          Provide a time for teachers once each trimester to come to the media center and view new products that will help with their curriculum.

·          Continue to meet with departments at department meetings to help the teaching staff.