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Illustration From an Anti-Semitic Children's Primer.
The Sign Reads "Jews are not wanted here."
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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There are many good reasons to learn about the Holocaust. One important reason is that the study of this subject helps students to understand the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping in society. Another important reason is that it helps students think about the use and abuse of power, and the role and responsibilities of individuals, organizations, and nations when confronted with human rights violations.

The following online resources are aimed at assisting teachers to present the various aspects of, and lessons to be learned from this topic. Please observe that when a teaching guide was available for one of the items on the main resources list it was noted.


A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Provides an overview of the Holocaust using photos, documents, art, music, and literature. Has student activities, teacher resources, maps, interactive quizzes, and documents.

Teaching About the Holocaust
Produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Offers an online workshop for teaching about the Holocaust that has detailed guidelines for teaching. The Museums publication "Teaching About the Holocaust: A Resource Book for Educators" can either be viewed online or printed. There are also other teaching resources and materials available.

Teaching the Holocaust
Produced by Education World.com. Offers 12 Holocaust lesson plans for teachers. The activities include: creating a timeline, a mapping activity, writing reactions to photos, and writing poetry.

Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust
Produced by The Holocaust Project. Contains study guides, learning aids, maps, biographies, and methods for teaching about the Holocaust.

The Holocaust - A Guide for Teachers
Created by Gary M. Grobman. The Holocaust is divided into topics. For each topic there is a discussion section followed by vocabulary, activities, discussion questions, and teaching strategies.

A Beginning Teacher's Guide to Using the World Wide Web to Teach About the Holocaust
Created by Carl R. Schulkin. Has a good discussion of some of the Internet resources designed as teaching guides for this subject.

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Victoria Ferguson