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Overhead view of Palenque

Each group will be assigned one of the following Mayan archaeological sites:  Palenque, Uxmal, Tulum, and  Chichén Itzá.  The preliminary tasks have been broken into three individual sections for the people in each group to complete and a final project for the group to complete collectively.

  • Travel Agent:     The Travel Agent must research the travel and accommodation costs and create a spreadsheet that compares the best two options.   Remember to include airfare, hotel, and travel inside the country (ie.  bus, taxi).  The spreadsheet should reflect the cost that each student will be responsible for.
  • Historian:    The Historian must research the archaeological site.  The Historian will complete a report that will include the major features of the site, the entrance and tour fees, any additional programming opportunities.  This report may be completed in a word processing program of your choice.
  • Entertainment Director:    The Entertainment Director will compile a report that details the possible activities that the class may participate in outside of the archaeological site.  The report must include at least 2 educational opportunities and no more than one day spent on the beach. Please include the cost of each activity.

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