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Data Tools & Technology-Rich Learning

How can technology tools help solve data-driven problems?

What data and calculation tools are available for learning?

How are computers helpful in data analysis?

Man at calculatorFrom electronic databases to spreadsheets, there are many tools that can be used for solving calculation problems. The key is selecting a tool that fits the problem and data. In other words, a graphing program is what you need if you want to visualize data, while a database is great for organizing and accessing information.

Hardware and Software

Although many people use the computer and software such as Microsoft Excel and Filemaker for information organization and calculation, there are many other tools available. For example, a wide variety of calculators are available in most schools. Also, handheld devices are great for data collection and analysis.

eye for essential readingRead Creativity Resources: Data Tools to learn about the tools that are available and how to select these tools.

Read Tools for Organizing: Databases. This page outlines ideas for database creation and use.

Read Tools for Calculating. This page outlines ideas for spreadsheet creation and use.

teacher tap iconGo to Teacher Tap: Hand-Held Devices in the Classroom for resources related to using handheld devices in the classroom.

Technology Integration

Students need basic skills in using the software needed for manipulating data. However, many tools are easy to use. Some are even available online.

eye for essential readingGo to Create a Graph from NCES.
Brainstorm ways you could use this graphing software for a class activity.

Try It

Go to Tools for Calculating: Spreadsheets to learn about tools for working with authentic data and information. Try some of the activities.

Go to Tools for Organizing: Databases to learn about tools for working with authentic data and information. Try some of the activities.

Go to the Tom Snyder at Scholoastic website and download the trial version of Graph Club or Graph Master. Or, check out one of their other data and calculation tools.

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