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Design Tools & Technology-Rich Learning

Where can I locate design tools to create timelines?

What tools are available for designing homes and other creations?

How can family tree builders be used to understand history?

women with building plansFrom timeline makers to model design tools, many resources are available for creating, building, and designing. Before selecting tools, ask yourself the goal of your activity and how the tool will help you reach your goal.

eye for essential readingRead Creativity Resources: Design Tools to learn about the tools that are available and how to select these tools.

Hardware and Software

Although many people use the computer and software such as Timeliner, Map Machine, or Family Tree Maker, there are many options for design. For example, some people use specialized hardware and software called Auto-CAD for building models.

Technology Integration

Students need basic skills in using the software. However, many tools are easy to use. Some are even available online. In many cases you can download a trial version or get a trial CD to try out.


Try It

Go to the Tom Snyder at Scholoastic website and download the trial version of Timeliner, Rainforest Designer, or Map Machine. Or, check out one of their other design tools.

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