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Email Tools & Technology-Rich Learning

How can email be used in the classroom?

What programs and tools are available for children?

How can email projects be coordinated?

boy with butterflyWhether sending messages, photographs, videos, or other files, email is a great communication tool. It allows students and teachers to reach out of their school or library and connect with others around the world.

Email projects have been part of classrooms for more than a decade. One of the most popular projects involves tracking the migration of wildlife including the Monarch butterflies.

eye is essentialGo to Journey North to learn about global studies of wildlife migration. Explore the website and notice how email is used to communicate ideas and project results.

Check the highlights from the 2003 project. Watch a video clip introduction to the Journey North project. You'll need the Window's Media Player to view the video.

Hardware and Software

Epals star means quality
Offers free, monitored email. Includes translations to seven different languages. Also contains discussion boards.

Gaggle star means quality
Offers free and subscription, filtered email.

Technology Integration

Joining a project is a great way to get started using email with your students.

eye for essentialRead sample epals correspondence to get a feel for the types of email communications students might write.

Email Project Ideas

Teaching with epals
Explores projects and approaches to doing emal projects with kids. Go to the epals documentation for additional ideas.

Email Projects

Projects for ages 6-11, 12-14, and 15 and up.

Intercultural Email Clasroom Connections
Connects classrooms with other cultures.

tiny teacher tap logoGo to Ask-An-Expert from Teacher Tap. It has lots of ideas for communicating with experts through email.

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