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Publishing/Visual Tools & Technology-Rich Learning

Why are visuals important in learning?

How can images such as graphics, photographs, and line drawing be integrated into the classroom?

How can images be shared?

createMany of our students are visual learners. In addition, visual communication is an important skill in today's world. Many technology tools can help students become visually literate.

Read Get Into The Picture or Learning To Look At Art from Learn NC to see how teachers are using visuals in the classroom. Explore other articles on Visual Literacy.

Hardware and Software

Digital cameras, scanners, graphics software, and concept map software are just a few of the tools that can be used for imaging.

eye means essentialRead Creativity Resources: Publishing & Visual Tools to learn about the tools that are available and how to select these tools.

teacher tap logoGo to Teacher Tap: KidPix and TuxPaint in the Classroom

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Technology Integration

Most hardware and software associated with imaging is very easy to use. The key is designing activities that are fun, but also address essential standards.

Try It

Go to Digital Glyphs. This online workshop explores visual literacy and developing visual activities in the technology-rich classroom.

Go to Tools for Imaging: Online Visual Resources to learn about tools for working with authentic data and information. Try some of the activities.

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