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Multimedia Tools & Technology-Rich Learning

How can multimedia address different learning styles?

What's involved with multimedia?

What kinds of multimedia projects can I do with my students?

girl with computerPut text, sounds, graphics, animation, audio, and/or video together and you've got multimedia. Today's children are growing up in a information-rich world and demand tools for creating communications that go beyond simple text on a page.

Multimedia can involve simply combining text and graphics on the screen for a PowerPoint presentation. However, multimedia projects may also incorporate digital still cameras, digital audio recorders, and digital cameras to make original productions. These projects can then be inserted into PowerPoint presentations or shown on the web!

eye is essentialRead Students Find Their Voices Through Multimedia from Edutopia. How is multimedia used in this project? Why do you think it's effective?

Many teachers are finding ways to use multimedia tools as a way to address basic literacy skills and address the individual differences of students.

video clip iconGo to Planet 5th. Watch their Explorer Interviews on video. You need QuickTime video drivers to see these projects.

How does this type of multimedia project address the different learning styles of students?

Hardware and Software

eye is essentialGo to Creativity Resources: Multimedia Tools to learn about the tools that are available and how to select these tools.

Be sure to check out the Digital Audio and Digital Video Teacher Tap pages.

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