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Eight Approaches to Technology-Rich Learning

What are some of the most effective ways to integrate technology into classroom activities?

What are WebQuests and how can they be managed?

What kinds of online contests are available for my students?

student at computersThere's not just one way to infusion technology into the curriculum. There are many ways. From using Inspiration as an advanced organizer in science to incorporting inquiry-based WebQuests into a social studies unit, the possibilities are endless. The key is matching the your learning goals with meaningful, effective activities and assessments.

Apple Learning Interchange has developed an excellent website that examines Teaching Methods. Focusing on National Board Certified Teachers as part of the Digital Edge project, each project examines a different method. These methods include Advanced Organizers, Brainstorming, Cooperative Learning, Demonstrations, Dialog Journals, Discovery Learning, Discussions, Hands-On Learning, Multimedia Instruction, Multiple Activities, Peer Tutoring, Project-Based Learning, Questioning Techniques, Simulations and Games, Thematic Approach, Tutorial Programs, Whole Language Approach, and Writing/Early Literacy. 

eye means essentialRead and explore Teaching Methods from Apple Learning Interchange. Read about each of the teaching methods. Then, explore the examples.

This project incorporates video. To view the videos, you'll need a QuickTime movie player.

Technology is just one aspect of an engaging learning environment. As you explore teaching methods and approaches to using technology consider motivation, creativity, and love of learning.

eye means essentialRead More Fun Than a Barrel of ... Worms?! from Edutopia. Notice how their projects came out of real-world questions and concerns. How can the school librarian and technology coordinator become more involved with making "real-world" connections for students?

Eight Approaches For Technology-Rich Learning

eye means essential
Explore each of the following areas in Teacher Tap and Literature Ladders for different ways to approach technology-rich learning.

  1. Technology and Multiple Intelligences from Teacher Tap
  2. Project, Problem, and Inquiry-based Learning from Teacher Tap
  3. Thematic Learning from Literature Ladders
  4. Literature Circles from Literature Ladders
  5. Literacy Across the Curriculum from Literature Ladders
  6. Collaborative and Interactive Projects from Literature Ladders
  7. Literature-based WebQuests from Literature Ladders
  8. Evidence-based Practice and Educational Technology from Teacher Tap

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