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Digital Video

How do I save videos clips I find online?

How do I save a streaming video file on my hard drive?

girl videotapingVideo can add interest and excitement to your multimedia projects

Consider the following ways you can use digital video in your projects:

Digital Video

Digital video is video that stored on an electronic device such as a CD, DVD, hard drive, or portable player.


Streaming Video

Digital video can also be found on the Internet and downloaded or streamed. Downloaded video is copied from a remote web server and played on the computer's hard drive. Streamed video is also downloaded, but only temporarily stored on the computer while it is playing.

Streaming video is not permanently stored on your hard drive. You must be online to view to the video. In addition, since it's not stored on your hard drive, it can't be edited. If you wish to use a segment of streaming video in your multimedia project, you will need software that records (or rips) the video. The words capturing, recording, downloading, saving, and ripping are all used to describe copying video off the web

Before you consider saving and editing streaming video, you need to be certain that you have permission. Some websites specifically state that streamed media may not be saved on your hard drive. Others indicate that the videos may not be reused or repurposed.

Many free and shareware software is available for recording/ripping streaming media. Go to All Streaming Media for a nice overview of the available software and reviews.

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Video Viewing Software

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Windows Video Software

Use the following software to record streaming video on your Windows system.

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Macintosh Video Software

Use the following software to do simple video editing.

Clip Creator. (Freeware) Allows users to open a source video and create smaller video clips form that source.

iStopMotion ($40, Shareware; Trial) Allows users to create Stop Motion and Time Lapse videos.

Movie Works Deluxe (Trial) Basic multimedia editing tool

MPEG Streamclip (Shareware). Allows users to open, edit, and safe most video files.

Use the following software for professional-quality video editing.

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Record It

Download one of the suggested software programs.
Integrate this video into other software such as a web development tool, PowerPoint, or Word.

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