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Cool Schools on the Internet

How are other schools using technology in their programs?
Where can I find good school websites?
How are schools communicating with the community?

schoolThere are many great examples of integrating technology into the curriculum. Use the following links to explore schools around the world.

Directories of Schools

What kinds of things can you find in a school web page? Below are a wide variety of school pages. Although some are more professional in appearance than others, they each have something unique to share with their audience. Explore the examples and consider the strengths and weaknesses of each website. What changes would you recommend? Create a list of things that you think are the most important in an effective website.

Many provincial and state departments of education have a master list of school websites to explore.

School Pages

Evaluate School Web Pages
Explore school web pages. Develop a list of the characteristics of effective school web pages. Brainstorm ways to integrate these features into your own school web page.

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