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Online Collaborative Projects: Locating Projects

Rather than starting from scratch, use online resources to help you find good projects.

If you'd like to get on a mailing list that sends out new project listings, check out the Hilites List from The Global Schoolhouse. Consider joining K12Opps or netPBL to gain lots of ideas.

Explore Directories 

If you're looking for good online projects. Start with the following directories:

If you're seeking an interpersonal exchange such as an epal, check the following three websites:

 There are many other directories and lists of projects. Here are a few others.

You can also visit some awards sites for additional ideas. For example, I found the Animal Diaries project at the ChildNet awards site. Others to try are ThinkQuest and CyberFair.

Explore Search Engines

You can also use search engines to locate projects. Open your favorite search engine, and use the following words to help you find projects:
topic (or content area) + keyword
reading + "travel buddy"

To narrow your search further, include the topic, grade level, or content area.

Locate A Project
As you explore the project directories, notice how they are organized.

What are the search options?
How current are the entries?
What information is provided about the project?

Create a list of pros and cons for each directory.

Try a search engine search. Brainstorm words that might be helpful in your search.

Compare using the directories to using the search engines for project location.

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