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How do I participate in annual events like the Iditarod?

What kinds of activities can my class do during these events?

What hardware and software do I need to participate in events?

student at computerAnnual events are a great way to help students reach outside their school and participate an important activity. From following the Iditarod to tracing the path of Monarch butterflies, annual events provide an easy way for teachers to get involved with using technology for a practical project.

eye means essentialRead An Interview with Mark Ahlness and Jean Carmody About the Earth Day Groceries Project in Reading Online (2002, March).

video clipRead Space Age Thinkers by Diane Curtis from edutopia online. Watch the online videos. Learn about student experiences for Space Day.

You'll need a Windows or QuickTime player to watch the movies.

Consider ways to build annual events into your curriculum to meet standards. For example, you could read the book Stone Fox in conjunction with the Iditarod. Explore the following three websites for ideas: Iditarod, Stone Fox Unit, and Stone Fox CyberGuide.

Annual Event Websites

Arbor Day
Activities for all ages.

Banned Book Week
Every year the last week of September.

Earth Day Groceries Projects star means quality
Decorate and reuse grocery bags for Earth Day in April.

Earth Day Network
Contains information about ways to celebrate Earth Day. Also include other events. A Teacher's Corner is provided.

Presidential election materials. Also, check out Democracy at Work.

Groundhog Day
Celebrate February 2 each year. Activities at website. Also, go to Ground Hog Day Project for annual activities.

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Every year in early March.

International Education Week
Celebrated in November.

Journey North and Journey South
This project is a global study of wildlife migrations and contains projects throughout the year. The Monarch butterfly project is the best known, but they also have projects on the migration of whales, hummingbird, whooping cranes and other creatures, as well as seasonal changes such as flowers and tree.

Read For...
Sponsored by Scholastic, the "Read For..." program focuses on developing a passion for reading. Includes a guide for planning and activities.

Read In
Annual event with online interaction with children's authors and illustrators.

Space Day
Celebrate in firth Thursday of each May.

Technology Blackout Day
The annual "Imagine a Technology Blackout Day!" is a month-long event in which classrooms around the country to examine how technology permeates our world by imagining one full day without it in our lives.

Try It
Explore one of the annual events above. Brainstorm ways you could integrate this event with specific grade level and subject area standards.

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