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Skimming, Scanning, Scrolling, and Sensemaking

How do I find the information I need?

How do I keep my place when the web page scrolls and scrolls?

How do I make sense of all the words and images?

As young people explore information, they need to make sense of what they find.

Skimming is used to quickly identify the main ideas in a text by skipping over words. Techniques include reading the first and last paragraph, using headings and subheadings, and examining illustrations.

Scanning involves searching for key words, phrases, or ideas to answer a question or locate information. This technique is often used when looking for a word in an index or dictionary.

Scrolling involves using the mouse or other device move through a page on the screen. Skimming and scanning are often used with scrolling to locate information.

Online Resources

There are many online resources to help young people learn to make sense of information they gather and read by skimming, scanning, scrolling, and sensemaking.

Student Resources


Explore Sensemaking

Design an activity focusing on practicing skimming, scanning, and scrolling in your content area. Provide tips for helping students successfully locate information.

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